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Why Dyslexia is Real

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Why Dyslexia is Real

Being capable of understanding why Dyslexia is real will improve social abilities and interactions. Dyslexia is the reading of letters or entire words in rotated sequence. Let’s explore why Dyslexia is Real.

Dyslexia is Real Reason #1:

People often do invert letters upside down. Letter d will become letter p. It is easy for highly functioning thinkers to read letters upside down in many cases because they are bored. They want to explore the materials that they are reading. In other cases their first impression of the letters may hit their brain functions with upside down image of the letter.

Washington State Upside down Trust House

Dyslexia is Real Reason #2:

Creative people are capable of more than just the words themselves. Just as anagrams and other deciphers being capable of seeing the alternative adds interest to the reading materials.

Dyslexia Reading Overlays Examples
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Dyslexia is Real Reason #3:

Inverted reading. b turns to d, d turns to b, some 3 turns to E. This inverted ability is when the letters are read in inverted fashion. This creates all sorts of new alternatives for reading materials and often gets people thinking off topic to linear readers. dad may look like bab. pap may look like qaq.

How to Overcome Dyslexia:

Using Color therapy to alter the way focusing on the words is one smart way to work with your ability of Dyslexia. This will able you to use different color overlays to cipher out the words to gain the meaning of the author as well as adding your own viewpoint to their work.

Instead of reading linearity purposed, read in ways that both accept the authors intend and also allows for your own unique interpretation. Thus, you will enable the different dyslexia differences to both comic your reading comprehensions as well as hold longer reading attention during reading sessions.

Acknowledging to yourself that “bobo the clown” could read in Dyslexia to “popo the clomu” allows your joviality to appreciate the contrasting differences. Finding ways to encourage the dyslexia differences brings clearer understanding to the read text. Obviously the author is not stating that the clown popo’d itself. But knowing that bobo is a jovial clown character and appreciating the differences is key to being patient to read with Dyslexia.

List of Middleschool words translated into Dyslexia

There are are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Free Dyslexia font that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section

Dyslexia Reading Overlays Examples
Free Dyslexia Font with Each Order from Store:
Order 3 Items receive 3 Dyslexia Font Licenses ($30 value each)

Dyslexia is Real #4:

If you allow yourself or allow a teacher to fluster you into thinking that you have to think linearly you will put the advantage you have as being Dyslexic to becoming a disadvantage. You do not have to read linearly to gain the linear comprehension of the words.

goat, boat, soap. may look to some as 6oat, doat, soad. Once you memorize the difference dyslexia versions it will be just as easy as translating one language to another language while still having the advantage of understanding both. The g rotated can become a 6. so the “church giving plate” could become “chnrch 6iviu6 dlate”.

Instead of being negative to the Dyslexia ability to see the rotated versions of language understand that in time you will memorize that 6iviu6 is the same is giving. This is key.

inverted DYslexia example
Photography thanks to photocredit:Keith Arnold

Dyslexia is Real #5:

As you may not be able to yet control who you are around all the time and that they may not understand that Dyslexia is its own language. You can be patient enough to reply with the linearity of the versions that you are able to. Be patient with yourself because the ability to input into circumstances with the talent of Dyslexia is a life long skill that you may posses that many will never achieve.

Wrapping Up

Feel free to study the examples of Dyslexia. This site gives the code to Dyslexia which however you classify it, is a useful tool to learn if you have Dyslexia or if you are just interested in languages.

Dyslexia being its own language offers many advantages to understanding meanings that could otherwise go unnoticed. Thus learning it can be a wonderful experience to achieve even when just helping someone with Dyslexia teaching them to have patience with themselves as they learn the inverted language combinations.

Consider using the Dyslexia Fonts as they will be more unique in lettering when read upside down and inverted.

Lastly, if ignorant people want to mock you for being Dyslexia realize they are the one’s disadvantaged. They have only one way of reading the letters they see. They are not able to step outside of the confines of the written words which is a unique place for them to be but at the same time a slight disadvantage.

Appreciate that you are able to achieve greater thought although at the same time needing to appreciate the linear meaning as the author intended as well. Just because you have Dyslexia doesn’t mean that you can just make anything up that you want to. The Dyslexia language is an inverted and rotated or upside down imprint of the language.

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