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Do Teachers Misunderstand Dyslexia?

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Do Teachers Misunderstanding Dyslexia?

Dyslexia Teachers Mug
Dyslexia Teachers Mug

Dyslexia Teachers Must learn Dyslexia to be able to teach Dyslexia

Teachers Misunderstanding Dyslexia is very common. Dyslexia Teachers misunderstand students with Dyslexia easily because Dyslexia is the non-linear event in reading. Most Dyslexia Teachers are linear readers and not Dyslexics themselves. The need to learn Dyslexia Examples vs. Normal Spelling Errors is key. 

Dyslexia Teachers have a real challenge working with Dyslexic students.  Most Dyslexia Teachers are not trained well in what Dyslexia is and how to read it.  Common spelling mistakes are often mistaken for Dyslexia.  Reading is a linear event or at least is taught as a linear event in most classrooms.

The first thing that Dyslexia Teachers must understand is that Dyslexia is a non-linear process of reading the words.  Letters will rotate and turn as the letters are read as if in a 3 dimensional world.  They don’t float as much as turn.  It is very easy for Dyslexia Teachers to misunderstand that Dyslexics are Linear, when in fact they are Non-linear readers.

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Another point to understand for Dyslexia Teachers is the students vulnerability. The vulnerability of being Dyslexic is beyond the comprehension of most educators and teachers.  It is a difficult emotional thing that takes place by the mere suggestion or reading, which is a terrifying thing to most Dyslexia students.  Dyslexia Teachers who can realize this will be further ahead with their students.

When children who are Dyslexic tell adults what they see they are laughed at and not taken seriously or told that they have a mental problem. Thinking of Dyslexia as a Disease is incorrect.  Dyslexia is the creative ability to read words and learn inverted concepts. 

Dyslexia Teachers can take seriously to observations without insulting their students about having different brains than the rest of the linear population.  The fact is that linear people are usually far more stupid than Dyslexics.   Linear populations take more time to learn concepts and usually involve repetition to be able  to learn.

Dyslexia Teachers who can realize the strengths of their Dyslexia students can build really great relationships with them.  Dyslexia Teachers should be able to work with Dyslexia children so that they help the other students to learn in the classroom.

The reality is also a courage from the students to tell Dyslexia Teachers what they really see.  Who wants to admit that they see the alphabet differently.  Yet, there are so many closet Dyslexics on this planet and many people who are dyslexic that don’t have alphabets that allow that way of being to be exposed.

There are are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Free Dyslexia font that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section

Large Dyslexia Light Box Drawing Board A2

Large Dyslexia Light Box Drawing Board A2

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The Love Dyslexia Brand Mugs illustrates rotated letters in a friendly product. Seeing compared sentences of Dyslexia reading alternatives can be a great conversation starter.

Dyslexia Teachers misunderstand the Dyslexia child’s effort in reading and mistaken it often for laziness or a refusal to learn with how they see.  The truth is that the Dyslexic child see’s the letters in different ways and the u really can look identical to the n.

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The h and n can be identical too when the font has thin lined fairy tale font that is swervy and not strongly connected to the rest of the h letter.  Reading may be where we learn that getting it correct on tests is all that matters to the school system and education system.


Dyslexia Teachers need to learn to work into learning how a Dyslexic child sees regardless if it helps their grade or causes a failure in their reading comprehension.  Comprehension is far different than actual reading ability.  If the engenuity of reversing a concept would better the concept yet the ingenuity of reversing a letter makes it illegible.  Dyslexia Teachers should understand that it is the alphabet’s fault, not the students.

We want students to be out of the box thinkers yet still stay within a comprehensible structures that Dyslexia Teachers teach in classes.  The dilemma is that the Dyslexia Teachers don’t even know how to give credit to how much work the Dyslexic child has done on their own to know that problem, might be broblem, but likely it is not drodlem.

Quick sentence:
The brother bought the dog from the owner and paid cash.
The prother dought the pog from the owner aub baid cash.
The drother pought the bog frow the omner aud daip cash.

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Teachers misunderstanding Dyslexia often need to comprehend that Sally, Sarah, Johnny or whomever their Dyslexia students are, are reading this sentence multiple times to be able to cipher it.  There are at least 12 combinations of reading that this sentence could have into Dyslexia spellings.  The more linear the font the harder it will be able to cipher because the more similar the letters will be when reading.

This comprehension of knowing that drodlem is not likely an alphabetically recognized word in the english alphabet needs to be found a way to celebrate this comprehension and understanding of the alphabet, which so far we are all learning how to do as we comprehend better Dyslexic tendencies and what it means to be Dyslexic.

Dyslexia Teachers need to know that Dyslexia is a dys, not dis.  The first correction in the classroom needs to be this concept.  The Dyslexic students don’t have a Dislexic, like a Disease, they have Dyslexic perception and Dyslexia Insight.  Many times teachers say that Dyslexic students are brilliant but they just don’t know how to ‘turn it off’, which is true.

Dyslexic students can’t turn off their Dyslexia or stop the rotation perception and concept creative thinking that they live in with their daily being everyday.

Cold Electricity

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The Terror of Reading with Dyslexia Out Loud 

Take a look at Jack and Jill, the nursery rhyme.  If you read Jack and Jill went ub the hill to fetch a bail of water.  You are bound to have the students be entertained by the facinating story about the nursery rhyme.  However, the other student may read the story of Jack and Jill and read “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water”.

Too many teachers misunderstand Dyslexia and believe that Dyslexic students are trying to be funny or entertain the other students because having Dyslexia is a fun thing all by itself at times.  It is a very interesting perception to have being Dyslexic.

When grades are given out to the class and the students are scolded by the teacher for reading bail in stead of pail, and ub instead of up they are judged in front of their peers and disciplined in front of their peers.  The grading system of education is the degrading system of the Dyslexic students humanity.

The only way that most teachers know how to ‘teach’ is to put the pressure on the students and tell them they will be punished, or not be allowed to go outside for recess to get fresh air if they don’t pass their reading tests.  In truth the lack of respect for the Dyslexic student is the entire miss of the education system.  The good news is that the education system doesn’t have to be a charade, as it currently is in so many schools when learning to read.

The terror of reading for a student is to not look like a fool and when the Dyslexic student starts to feel subconscious and ashamed of their capabilities the real issues and behavihoral issues begin.  At improvedyslexia.com we are offering the education needed to those about Dyslexia in ways that offer a unique perception to not blame the education system but to actually blame and take responsibility of the letters of the alphabet themselves.

Teachers can take control of comprehending what the Dyslexic experience is and gain the knowledge and forsight that the Dyslexic students are offering the classroom too.  This combination can really assist the learning environment in the classrooms and schoolrooms furthering education for all students present.


Dyslexia Alphabet Turning Issue’s

Let’s first understand that if a lower case e turns during reading the letter it remains a unique alphabetical character still uniquely an e.   When n turns upside down it becomes a u, so the phonetic sound will also change if reading outload.  This is not a outload reading gag from the Dyslexic student to read unique as nnique. Or pronounced Nique.  This is the honest effort of the student to read aloud., but in fact it can be quite entertaining and comedic when studying the english language to read the foils of what the alphabet sounds like when letters are flipped or mirrored.

If we look at the letter f, in the lower case we can still see that if is a unique character to the english alphabet and if we read it turned as an f that has a mirror curve going to the left instead of the right we can still learn that the sound of f is Fu.  Or Fe.  If we look at the letter h we can see that the capital letter H is more distinct than the lower case h, but still readable pending upon the font connection of the height of the h.  This is very important.

We are giving nursery rhyme books with weak Font character alphabet connected letter to pre-kindergardeners and expecting them to be able to cipher the difference between and n and an h.  Or an h lower case, and and l.  Look at the print in Cinderella that swirls all over the place yet we are expecting people who are not yet able to read the full alphabet to cipher the letter of weakly connected letters.

This is a thing that adult teachers need to change in the classrooms and parents need to work together to bring the awareness of the Dyslexic child in focus and with a lot of public attention with education on the issue of fonts in childrens books.

The english alphabet is ours to adjust as the living society of people who use its language.  We as educators need to represent the difficulties and be honest with the ailments that the english alphabet brings in the difficulties to those learning to read for the first time and to those who have read for decades, both.

Teachers misunderstand Dyslexia and often have the influence with parents to make the change and decide to utilize materials that are Dyslexic proof to the students.  Every bit of unique alphabetical characterizations need to be allowed to be explored and sought after.  It is essential that we allow the Dyslexic child’s ingenuity into the classrooms so they can teach us and we can also teach them.

We must understand that Dyslexia is a real thing and it is a creative thing, not a dis-eased thing.  It is honestly fun for many Dyslexics to be able to create things with perceptions that others with linear values do not see or notice.  It is honestly fun for linear people to enjoy artists perceptions and Dyslexics perceptions.

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The learning grounds of the world will change when the english alphabet starts to be graded with the insufficiencies that it actually possesses.   If we as educators are dishonest about the english alphabets faults and choose to defend the alphabet over our students educations than we likely have no need to be educators within society.

Teachers need to extend Patience while dealing with Dyslexia.  Dyslexia Students are not Linear readers.  Teachers Misunderstanding Dyslexia as being letters that move rather than flip is a concern. 

It would not be a bad thing if educators agreed with the students that they would be patient with the Dyslexic student if they were Sincere with the Teacher about what they were dealing with when reading.  It is important that the student is honest with the teacher as it is important that the Teacher is honest with the student.

It is ok for the teacher to be frustrated because it is a reality that no one is addressing Dyslexia from an alphabetical dillemma.  Most teachers are in the dark trying to help a student to see with few examples as to what Dyslexia is and with a lot of potentially incorrect information about Dyslexia.

For Instance, the students are telling the truth when they see that entire lines of words appear in different places on the page but that is likely happening because they are overwhelmed and feel burdened by the amount of reading they are decoding.

A Dyslexic child decodes the alphabetical challenges before even having to deal with the phonetics of reading.  It is a ciphen to decode the english alphabet and often times the exact same sentence can read several different ways to the Dyslexic where they can believe they are on a different line.

The reality of reading for the Dyslexic student is the dyslexic student will have to decode every line of what they read and then memorize what the content was so they don’t have to reread the material again.  This is a process that many Dyslexia people use as a regular reading practice.

When it comes to admitting that the alphabet has repeating letters with exact characters as other letters we get down to the truth about where the difficulty lies within the Dyslexics Experience and Mind.


Dyslexia Questions and Dyslexia Answers

Here is a list of Dyslexia Questions and Dyslexia Answers

Question: Do typefaces designed for Dyslexia work?

Answer:  Yes., Many typefaces designed for Dyslexia works pending upon how Dyslexic the Dyslexic person is.

Typefaces for Dyslexics work for many Dyslexics but may work differently for different types of Dyslexics.  Each Dyslexic has different tendencies.   Some Dyslexics have tendencies to rotate the letter from left to right or right to left.  Some Dyslexics have tendencies to rotate vertically from top to bottom or bottom to top.  Some Dyslexics do both to all letters they read.  Others only are affected by particular letters.

The answer of Typeface lies in the reality of how well the different and unique letters are formed and allowed to be read and written by the Dyslexic.  If each alphabetical letter in the typeface is unique from another when each letter is turned or vertically rotated from top to bottom than you likely have a typeface that could work for all types and the majority of Dyslexics.

Each Typeface takes time to get used to by the Dyslexic and it will take some time to realize the affects of the typeface with reading time.  Some adult Dyslexics know how to read but read slowly than non-Dyslexics.  They could find that their reading speeds increase with a Dyslexic Font or Dyslexic Typeface.

When dealing with typeface it is important to pick the typeface and try out several types because the Dyslexic may need to discover which typeface can be more effective with them and which is less affective.  A dyslexic that sees things more horizontally flipped then vertically flipped will be better with typefaces that are more designed for horizontal Dyslexia than vertical Dyslexia.

    Question:  Why do so many ‘smart people’ have Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a functioning of decoding the similar lettered alphabetical letters and gaining the message from the ill english alphabet. It takes a ‘smart person’ to overcome a non-linear reading circumstance.  It could only take a smart person to overcome the decoding of letter combinations that literally repeat each other sometimes every few letters or sometimes every 20 letters while reading.

The way that the Dyslexic sees is the key to why they have so many ingenious ideas and concepts.  They see the world in reverse, altered or inverted ways and angles that are considerations that are non-linear in function. Teachers Misunderstanding Dyslexia does happen but there is hope to teach them about Dyslexia. 

Non-linear Dyalexics are functioning at a very high level of intelligence.  Creative people who consider the world upside down and rightside up often are the ones that invent or create things that others have not thought of or have never considered the function of.   Dyslexia people have the ability to see the world right side up and upside down as a common everyday thing in their own lives.   Some are only a percentage of Dyslexia and others are full 100% Dyslexia people.


Teachers Misunderstand Dyslexia

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Dyslexia Teachers
Dyslexia Teachers

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