Spanish Dyslexia Grade 3

Spanish Dyslexia Grade 3

Spanish Dyslexia Grade 3 exact word examples with Dyslexia Letter Rotations! Learn exact Dyslexia Rotations in Spanish. Dyslexia Letters rotate to become another letter. Improve your reading by studying your exact Dyslexia Tendencies. b rotates to d, p or q, n turns to u, u turns to n.

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Some Main Quotes from this Dyslexia Article/lesson:
“senalar = seualar” – 2 Dyslexia Variations
“diferencia = difereucia, biferencia, bifereucia, piferencia, pifereucia, qiferencia, qifereucia” – 7 Dyslexia Variations!

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Spanish Dyslexia Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations are listed beside each Linear word. You can see the exact Dyslexia rotations of Spanish. There are many Dyslexia Translations and Comparison sentences on this website to see exactly how a Dyslexic Reader Reads. Grade 1 Dyslexia Spelling words with Dyslexia Variations!

Each word is broken down for Grade One Dyslexia.

NOTE: BOTH Dyslexia and Non-Dyslexia words are sorted. Non-Dyslexia words have no Dyslexia Letters within those words. Words that are ‘Dyslexic’ have actual Dyslexia Letters that rotate to become other letters.

Non-Dyslexia Grade 3 Spanish Words

ahi, ahora, aula, cifra, clasificar, hacia, hey, hilo, heroe, rehacer, tarjeta, trayecto

The m/w Dyslexia Factor
amistosa, amistoso, gemelo, hicimos, mayoria

amistosa = awistosa
amistoso = awistoso
hicimos = hiciwos
mayoria = wayoria
misterio = wisterio

The n/u Dyslexia Factor
conversacion, entretener, estructura, excelente, herencia, hueso, oracion, referencia, solucionar, suficiente, tuya
tuyo, vehiculo, zanahoria

conversacion = conversaciou, couversacion, couversaiou
entretener = eutretener, entreteuer, eutreteuer
estructura = estructnra, estrncture, estrnctnra
excelente = exeleute
herencia = hereucia
hirozonte = horizoute
hueso = hneso
oracion = oraciou
referencia = refereucia
solucionar = soluciouar, solncionar, solnciouar
senalar = seualar
suficiente = suficieute
tuya = tnya
tuyo = tnyo
vehiculo = vehicnlo
zanahoria = zauahoria

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Dyslexia Variation Training Letter Map

A b turns into multiple possibilities, such as a p, d, or a q
An n turns into a u, a u turns into an n
A 9 turns to a 6 or a 9
the w turns to an m, m can turn to a w
The Number 2, can turn to become N or Letter Z

This is Why Dyslexia Fonts are so important with Colored Tinted Lenses!
NOTE: Only some Dyslexics get w confused with m, mostly with handwriting


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Spanish Dyslexia Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations

admirar = abmirar, apmirar, aqmirar, (adwirar, abwirar, apwirar, aqwirar)
alguien = alguieu, al6guien, al6uieu, al9uien, al9uieu, algnien, algnieu, al6gnien, al6nieu, al9nien, al9nieu
alumno = alumuo, alnmuo, alnmno, (aluwno, aluwuo, alnwuo, alnwno)
antiguo = antigno, autiguo, autigno, anti6uo, anti6no, auti9uo, ant9no
antonimo = antouimo, autonimo, autouimo, (antoniwo, antouiwo, autoniwo, autouiwo)
aunque = auuque, aunqne, auuqne, annque, anuque, annqne, anuqne, aunbue, auubue, aunbne, auubne, annbue, anubue, annbne, anubne, aundue, auudue, aundne, auudne, anndue, anudue, anndne, anudne, aunpue, auupue, aunpne, auupne, annpue, anupue, annpne, anupne
biblioteca = bidlioteca, biplioteca, biqlioteca, diblioteca, didlioteca, diplioteca, diqlioteca, piblioteca, pidlioteca, piplioteca, piqlioteca, qiblioteca, qidlioteca, qiplioteca, qialioteca
bilingue =biliugue, biliugne, bilingne, dilingue, diliugue, diliugne, dilingne, pilingue, piliugue, piliugne, pilingne, qilingue, qiliugue, qiliugne, qilingne, bilin6ue =biliu6ue, biliu6ne, bilin6ne, dilin6ue, diliu6ue, diliu6ne, dilin6ne, pilin6ue, piliu6ue, piliu6ne, pilin6ne, qilin6ue, qiliu6ue, qiliu6ne, qilin6ne, bilin9ue, biliu9ue, biliu9ne, bilin9ne, dilin9ue, diliu9ue, diliu9ne, dilin9ne, pilin9ue, piliu9ue, piliu9ne, pilin9ne, qilin9ue, qiliu9ue, qiliu9ne, qilin9ne

biografica = diografica, piografica, qiografica, bio6rafica, dio6rafica, pio6rafica, qio6rafica, bio9rafica, dio9rafica, pio9rafica, qio9rafica
cansada = causada, cansaba, causaba, cansapa, causapa, cansaqa, causaqa
capitulo = cabitulo, caditulo, caqitulo, capitnlo, cabitnlo, caditnlo, caqitnlo
capricho = cabricho, cadricho, caqricho
caprichoso = cabrichoso, cadrichoso, caqrichoso
columna = columua, colnmna, colnmna, (coluwna, coluwua, colnwna, colnwna)
cualquier = cualqnier, cnalquier, cnalqnier, cualbuier, cualbnier, cnalbuier, cnalbnier, cualdnier, cualdnier, cnalduier, cnaldnier, cualpnier, cualpnier, cnalpuier, cnalpnier
dependiente =depeudient, dependieute, depeudieute

derecha = berecha, perecha, qerecha
derecho = berecho, perecho, qerecho
desaperecer = besapercer, pesapercer, qesapercer, desaberecer, besabercer, pesabercer, qesabercer, desadercer, besadercer, pesadercer, qesadercer, desaqercer, besaqercer, pesaqercer, qesaqercer
desarrollar = besarrollar, pesarrollar, qesarrollar
desarrollo = besarrollo, pesarrollo, qesarrollo
descalzo = bescalzo, pescalzo, qescalzo
determinar = determiuar, beterminar, betermiuar, peterminar, petermiuar, qeterminar, qetermiuar, (deterwinar, deterwiuar, beterwinar, beterwieuar, peterwinar, peterwiuar, qeterwinar, qeterwiuar)
dice = bice, pice, qice
diferencia = difereucia, biferencia, bifereucia, piferencia, pifereucia, qiferencia, qifereucia

enseguida = ensegnida, euseguida, eusegnida, enseguiba, ensegniba, euseguiba, eusegniba, enseguipa, ensegnipa, eusequipa, eusegnipa, enseguiqa, ensegniqa, euseguiqa, eusegniqa, ense6uida, ense6nida, euse6uida, euse6nida, ense6uiba, ense6niba, euse6uiba, euse6niba, ense6uipa, ense6nipa, euse6uipa, euse6nipa, ense6uiqa, ense6niqa, euse6uiqa, euse6niqa, ense9uida, ense9nida, euse9uida, euse9nida, ense9uiba, ense9niba, euse9uiba, euse9niba, ense9uipa, ense9nipa, euse9uipa, euse9nipa, ense9uiqa, ense9niqa, euse9uiqa, euse9niqa
evidencia = evideucia, evibencia, evibeucia, evipencia, evipeucia, eviqencia, eviqeucia
examinar = examiuar, (exawinar, exawiuar)
explorar = exblorar, exdlorar, exqlorar
figurativo = fignrativo, fi6urativo, fi6nrativo, fi9urativo, fi9nrativo
finalmente = finalmeute, fiualmente, fiualmeute, (finalwente, finalweute, fiualwente, fiualweute)
garganta = gargauta, gar6anta, gar6auta, gar9anta, gar9auta, 6arganta, 6argauta, 6ar6anta, 6ar6auta, 6ar9anta, 6ar9auta, 9arganta, 9argauta, 9ar9anta, 9ar9auta, 9ar9anta, 9ar9auta
gemelo = 6emelo, 9emelo, (gewelo, 6ewelo, 9ewelo)
generosa = geuerosa, 6enerosa, 6euerosa, 9enerosa, 9euerosa
generoso = geueroso, 6eneroso, 6eueroso, 9eneroso, 9eueroso
gravedad = gravebad, gravepad, graveqad, gravedab, gravebab, gravepab, graveqab, gravedap, gravebap, gravepap, graveqap, gravedaq, gravebaq, gravepaq, graveqaq, 6ravedad, 6ravebad, 6ravepad, 6raveqad, 6ravedab, 6ravebab, 6ravepab, 6raveqab, 6ravedap, 6ravebap, 6ravepap, 6raveqap, 6ravedaq, 6ravebaq, 6ravepaq, 6raveqaq, 9ravedad, 9ravebad, 9ravepad, 9raveqad, 9ravedab, 9ravebab, 9ravepab, 9raveqab, 9ravedap, 9ravebap, 9ravepap, 9raveqap, 9ravedaq, 9ravebaq, 9ravepaq, 9raveqaq

duardar = duarbar, duarpar, duarqar, dnardar, dnarbar, dnarpar, dnarqar, buardar, buarbar, buarpar, buarqar, bnardar, bnarbar, bnarpar, bnarqar, puardar, puarbar, puarpar, puarqar, pnardar, pnarbar, pnarper, pnarqar, quardar, quarbar, quarpar, quarqar, qnardar, qnarbar, qnarper, qnarqar
guion = guiou, gniou, gnion, 6uion, 6uiou, 6niou, 6nion, 9uion, 9uiou, 9niou, 9nion
habitacion = haditacion, hapitacion, haqitacion, habitaciou, haditaciou, hapitaciou, haqitaciou
hogar = ho6ar, ho9ar
imagen = imageu, ima6en, ima6eu, ima9en, ima9eu, (iwagen, iwageu, iwa6en, iwa6eu, iwa9en, iwa9eu)
impaciente = impacieute, imbaciente, imbacieute, imdaciente, imdacieute, imqaciente, imqacieute, (iwpacient, iwpacieute, iwbaciente, iwbacieute, iwdaciente, iwdacieute, iwqaciente, iwqacieute)
imposible = imposidle, imposiple, imposiqle, imbosible, imbosidle, imbosiple, imbosiqle, imdosible, imdosidle, imdosiple, imdosiqle, imqosible, imqosidle, imqosiple, imqosiqle, (iwposible = iwposidle, iwposiple, iwposiqle, iwbosible, iwbosidle, iwbosiple, iwbosiqle, iwdosible, iwdosidle, iwdosiple, iwdosiqle, iwqosible, imqosidle, iwqosiple, iwqosiqle)

impropio = imbropio, imdropio, imqropio, improbio, imbrobio, imdrobio, imqrobio, improdio, imbrodio, imdrodio, imqrodio, improqio, imbroqio, imdroqio, imqroqio, (iwpropio, iwbropio, iwdropio, iwqropio, iwprobio, iwbrobio, iwdrobio, iwqrobio, iwprodio, iwbrodio, iwdrodio,
iwqrodio, iwproqio, iwbroqio, iwdroqio, iwqroqio)
incompleto = iucompleto, incombleto, iucombleto, incomdleto, iucomdleto, incomqleto, iucomqleto, (incoqpleto, iucowpleto, incowbleto, iucowbleto, incowdleto, iucowdleto, incowqleto, iucowqleto)
instinto = instiuto, iustinto, iustiuto
introducir = introdncir, iutroducir, iutrodncir, introbucir, introbncir, iutrobucir, iutrobncir, intropucir, iutropncir, iutropucir, iutropncir, introqucir, iutroqncir, iutroqucir, iutroqncir

lentamente = lentameute, leutamente, leutameute, (lentawente, lentaweute, leutawente, leutaweute)
logico = lo6ico, lo9ico

mayuscula = mayuscnla, maynscnla, mauscula, (wayuscula, wayuscnla, waynscnla, wauscula)
ningun = niugun, uiugun uingun, ningnn, niugnn, uiugnn, uingnn, ninguu, niuguu, uiuguu, uinguu, ningnu, niugnu, uiugnu, uingnu, nin6u, niu6un, uiu6un uin6un, nin6nn, niu6nn, uiu6nn, uin6nn, nin6uu, niu6uu, uiu6uu, uin6uu, nin6nu, niu6nu, uiu6nu, uin6nu , nin9un, niu9un, uiu9un uin9un, nin9nn, niu9nn, uiu9nn, uin9nn, nin9uu, niu9uu, uiu9uu, uin9uu, nin9nu, niu9nu, uiu9nu, uin9nu

ninguna = ningnna, ningnua, ninguua, uinguna, uingnna, uingnua, uinguua, niuguna, ningnna, ningnua, ninguua, uiuguna, uiugnna, uiugna, uiuguua, nin6una, nin6nna, nin6nua, nin6uua, uin6una, uin6nna, uin6nua, uin6uua, niu6una, nin6nna, nin6nua, nin6uua, uiu6una, uiu6nna, uiu6na, uiu6uua, nin9una, nin9nna, nin9nua, nin9uua, uin9una, uin9nna, uin9nua, uin9uua, niu9una, nin9nna, nin9nua, nin9uua, uiu9una, uiu9nna, uiu9na, uiu9uua

numeros = uumeros, unmeros, nnmeros, (nuweros, uuweros, unweros, nnweros)
objeto = odjeto, opjeto, oqjeto
obra = odra, opra, oqra
observar = odservar, opservar, oqservar
opcional = opcioual, obcional, obcioual, odcional, odcioual, oqcional, oqcioual
opinion = opiniou, opiuiou, opiuion, obinion, obiniou, obiuiou, obiuion, odinion, odiniou, odiuou, odiuion, oqinion, oqiniou, oqiuou, oqiuion
paladar = palabar, palapar, palaqar, baladar, balabar, balapar, balaqar, daladar, dalabar, dalapar, dalaqar, qaladar, qalabar, qalaper, qalaqar
plural = plnral, blural, blnral, dlural, dlnral, qlural, qlnral
presentar = preseutar, bresentar, breseutar, dresentar, dreseutar, qresentar, qreseutar
publicar = pudlicar, puplicar, puqlicar, pnblicar, pndlicar, pnplicar, pnqlicar, bublicar, budlicar, buplicar, buqlicar, bnblicar, bndlicar, bnplicar, bnqlicar, dublicar, dudlicar, duplicar, duqlicar, dnblicar, dndlicar, dnplicar, dnqlicar, qublicar, qudlicar, quplicar, quqlicar, qnblicar, qndlicar, qnplicar, qnqlicar
recordar = recorbar, recorpar, recorqar
resumir = resnmir, (resuwir, resnwir)
singular = singnlar, siugular, singnlar, sin6ular, sin6nlar, siu6ular, sin6nlar, sin9ular, sin9nlar, siu9ular, sin9nlar
sinonimo = sinouimo, siuouimo, siuonimo, (sinoniwo, sinouiwo, siuouiwo, siuoniwo)
suprimir = snprimir, subrimir, snbrimir, sudrimir, sndrimir, suqrimir, snqrimir, (supriwir, snpriwir, subriwir, snbriwir, sudriwir, sndriwir, suqriwir, snqriwir)
tragedia = tragebia, tragepia, trageqia, tra6edia, tra6ebia, tra6epia, tra6eqia, tra9edia, tra9ebia, tra9epia, tra9eqia
verguenza = vergueuza, vergnenza, vergneuza, ver6uenza, ver6ueuza, ver6nenza, ver6neuza, ver9uenza, ver9ueuza, ver9nenza, ver9gneuza

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Spanish Dyslexia Grade 3 Exact word examples with Dyslexia Letter Rotations!

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Spanish Dyslexia Grade 3 Spelling words and Dyslexia Variations!

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