Typemania Dyslexia Font

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Typemania Dyslexia Font

Typemania Dyslexia Font enhances reading so letters are more unique rather than identical. Read the letters even if they read them upside down. Easy Instant Download after purchase!


Typemania Dyslexia Font License

Typemania Dyslexia Font has a looped p and a square b. The letters are more a look of an old typewriter with very distinct letters that make reading easier. Give the gift of reading by allowing the Dyslexic to choose the fonts. By allowing the writing of letter p to have a loop it can make reading and writing fun and eventful.

Every letter is different in Typemania Dyslexia Font even when the letter is turned upside down or inverted. Understanding that Dyslexic Readers read font upside down means you have to give them fonts where if the letters are read upside down, they still look different. This is why Dyslexia Fonts work.

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The English alphabet is a Dyslexic language. Other alphabets letters do not become other letters when inverted or flipped. The Greece alphabet has no repeating letters to Dyslexia readers. Therefore there is no diagnosed Dyslexia with Greece readers, unless they are speaking using the English alphabet. The letter g is also easier to read right side up or upside down. Often lower case ‘g’ can look like a 6 upside down.

This font is designed also to prevent this mistake during reading. Typemania Dyslexia Font License comes in Bold, Italic, Bold Italic and Regular. It is easy to install and to work with once downloaded. Designed by Love Dyslexia Brand creators Simon-Elliott Blake and help from Halimah Veon. Many top Mensa Organization test participants are Dyslexia.

Dyslexia is a sought after intelligence in many industries where inverting can be a major skillset. Architectural jobs, Design jobs and creative jobs benefit greatly and often seek out Dyslexia employee’s and contractors. Nasa employee’s workforce are said to be more than 50% Dyslexic. Encourage the ability to read by changing the way the Dyslexic Writer uses the letter ‘b’.

Allow them to write it with a square box and they will be able to read it faster and more efficiently. By looping the p at the bottom reading this letter can also become more efficient. Many non-Dyslexia types will find this font less strain on their eyes. This Dyslexia Reading Font will improve many people’s reading ability.  Typemania Dyslexia Font will assist most people for easier reading. Also consider using Color Therapy Dyslexia Overlays. Enjoy Reading! Dyslexia Font Review


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