Acting Independent Activity List – Master List


Meisner Activities – Acting Independent Activities – Master List

Meisner Activities in Acting were part of the Ins and Outs acting exercises which were renamed Doors and Activities.  Independent Activities improve concentration for the Actor.  This MASTER List will expand your acting options and provide Activities you may have never thought of. Instant Download! 🙂 MARCH 2022 UPDATE

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Meisner Activities List – Acting Independent Activity List

This is a Master key List of Meisner Activities and over 930 Independent Activities and Doings.  Acting Independent Activities have been used for decades to help Actors build their concentration. Help build your concentration to expand the activities you do in classes.   This Master Meisner Activities List is the most comprehensive Independent Activities list anywhere.  Literally expand what you are able to do in classes to learn using this list. Expand your possibilities of which Activities you choose for the classroom.

What this List will do for you:

  • Give you more to work with
  • Provide Options to choose closer what is right for Yourself
  • Never run out of Motivated ideas for activities

Sample Meisner Activities:

  • Changing a Bicycle Tire
  • Balancing a Ball on Top of a Ball
  • Learning to Juggle
  • Sanding a Wooden Chair
  • Replacing a Computer Hard Drive
  • Assembling a 3d puzzle
  • Completing a Paper Filigree Painting
  • Making a Wind-Mill Model
  • Hand painting a Window Shade
  • Steaming a Ball Room Gown
  • Restringing an Acoustic Guitar
  • Painting a Ceramic String Puppet

ADD a Reason, Measurability, Meaning, Urgency and Emotional Preparation!
then, ADD the Secret Sauce of Motivation!

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Another 20 Independent Activities!

PLEASE do buy this list,  and help me add to it! 
“BEING Before DOING in acting is the Key”

meisner activities independent acting activity list

If you LET them Decide!”
(Choose The Activities that Motivate you
The ones you really want to Get Done!



Help yourself decide by giving yourself options of what are good Meisner Independent Activities.  Empower yourself by having a selection of good acting Independent Activities for your acting classroom.
Meisner Activities Acting List Simon Blake
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About Simon Blake

Simon Blake has studied over 30,000 – 40,000 acting exercises and studied over 8-10++ thousand acting students work in acting. Studying their Emotional Preparation to their Spoon River Work. Studying every area of Meisner training work with well over 30 Teachers including himself.

“Meisner In and Out Exercise, which was later known as Doors and Activities give a basic-building-blocks to modern day acting”

Simon has copious videos with Meisner Activities List, Independent Activities and Acting Activities Ideas.  Be sure to check them out to improve your acting. 

Acting using improved acting techniques.

Don’t Miss the Acting Lists ! Over 900 Meisner Independent Activities 900 + Emotions for Acting List Acting Exercises List

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