Learn “EXACT Dyslexia” Book by Simon Blake


Learn EXACT Dyslexia Book

Learn the Exact Dyslexia Book with full and Exact Dyslexia Letter Rotations.  Improve reading by seeing every Dyslexia Variable for each Linear word.  Dyslexia Variables Create Dyslexia Variations for Each Word: and all are Listed!

A MUST-HAVE Reading Aid for ALL Ages!


Learn:  “EXACT Dyslexia” 
   by Simon Blake


This Book in PDF Form is Fantastic for Improving Reading at ALL LEVEL

The Technique:  Learn the Exact Dyslexia Variations
Dyslexia Variables include Letters: b, d, p, q, n, u (and other exceptions)
    When Dyslexia Variables ROTATE they Create Dyslexia Variations of Linear Words. 

The word ‘people’ is a single linear word with only one spelling.
However, The single word ‘people’ has 15 Different Dyslexia Variations.  EACH Dyslexia Variation needs to be studied to Improve Dyslexia!!

The KEY to Improving reading is not being surprised when you read the word ‘people’ as ‘deople’
BECAUSE you have learned the Dyslexia Variations you STRENGTHEN your own Reading – Regardless of your AGE!

This is an ALL AGES Languages Reading Assistance Book
Buy and Learn “EXACT DYSLEXIA” Book TODAY!

Reading Levels 1-6 (Each Grade)
Chapter:   NON-Dyslexia Words LIST.   All the Non-Dyslexia words are the Easiest words to Read as a Dyslexic! (THIS IS HUGE)
BONUS: Spanish Dyslexia

Exercise: Pick Up the BOOK and TRY To Pronounce Each Dyslexia Variation!
can you pronounce the word ‘deople’ or ‘qeople’.
All of the Dyslexia Variations in the way you say them is Exactly what will often be read outload by Dyslexics.
So, NOW, you are EMPOWERED to be able to 1. Know Dyslexia and 2. Be able to Hear Dyslexia!!

Also know,
There is a BLAKE Dyslexia Variations Course that can help to test your Dyslexia.
PUT THIS BOOK TOGETHER WITH Dyslexia Course = Golden Opportunity to Improve Reading.

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake
Samples of Dyslexia Below Video.

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