Free Dyslexia Font

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Free Dyslexia Font

Free Dyslexia Font achieves the ability to read even when letters rotate or invert. Distinct letters are still legible.

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Free Dyslexia Font License

Give the gift of Reading! This free Dyslexia Capital font makes reading simpler.

The best advice to Dyslexia Readers is to get them to choose their own fonts. It doesn’t matter which font they use to help them in reading. More important than how to read is having interest in reading.

Dyslexia Fonts have unique letters that do not become one another when reversed or inverted.

Font comes with Regular, Bold and Italic.

If the Dyslexic Reader is able to see the differences in the letters it should not matter if they read upside down or right side up. Reading is the extraction and consideration of the information put forth.

Many Dyslexia Readers are capable of reading books upside down just as easy as right side up. Using Dyslexia Fonts will assist them in differentiating the English alphabet. The Greek alphabet is not a Dyslexia language because its letters do not become other letters if inverted.

Many other languages do not have inverted letters that become other letters. English b becomes d, p and sometimes q in regular fonts. Dyslexia Fonts decipher the differences to each letter.

If changing a font can assist in learning and interest in reading, then go at it!

Dyslexia Capital Font is being given free from Love Dyslexia Brand creators Simon Blake and computer programmer roommate Halimah Veon.


What Makes a Font a Dyslexia Font?

If you rotate the letter and it turns into other letters once rotated your font is not a Dyslexia Friendly Font.  This is a very simple example.

If you have a unique p that even when it rotates upside or inverted you can still discern that it is a p then you have a Dyslexia Friendly Font.

Why Capital Free Dyslexia Font?

The first Capital Dyslexia Font I created was with Walter Disney Jr. after his father whom was actually his brother was abducted and Disney disputes were commencing.  It was later used as a tool to bankrupt European Countries and deny that I had flown out in the atmosphere as the first to have achieved such.

Creating this  Free Capital Dyslexia Font helps me to remember those times as well as the real histories that are constantly attempting to be rewritten.  Fonts are a very important item.  Creating a set of Dyslexia Fonts and using Capitals can really assist reading and lesson eye strain.

After Delaware disputes over my life and other international issues that Mensa Organization proved that Dyslexia was a highly functional vs retardation of function things got even more interesting.  Massive detainment centers were created using stolen Disney accounts and an incredible amount of forced vaccines were administered in bloodline disputes over control of taxes.   Understanding this can also help to achieve why using a simple thing like a Capital Font can assist in learning.

Agreeing to my fake death as Sofie Sofia was an attempt to keep food famine stocks from depleting and stop the injections which were causing Autism and other forced mental retardation of function.  As my age was not apparent by looks because of my life being different.

Copyright 2020, Simon-Elliott Blake



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