Booklandia Dyslexia Font

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Booklandia Dyslexia Font

Booklandia Dyslexia Font enhances reading so letters are more unique rather than identical. Read the letters even if they read them upside down. Easy Instant Download after purchase!

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Booklandia Dyslexia Font gives the gift of Reading! Easy download. 

Booklandia Dyslexia Font has distinct unique letters for Dyslexia reading. IF you read the letter upside down it is still different enough to be able to tell what the letter is.

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The best advice to Dyslexia Readers is to get them to choose their own fonts. It doesn’t matter which font they use to help them in reading. More important than how to read is having interest in reading.

Dyslexia Fonts have unique letters that do not become one another when reversed or inverted. A b, d, p and q are the exact same letter in nearly every single font there is. This and the other Dyslexia fonts have unique characteristics to each letter making it reading friendly.

Many Dyslexia Readers are capable of reading books upside down just as easy as right side up. Using Dyslexia Fonts will assist them in differentiating the English alphabet. The Greek alphabet is not a Dyslexia language because its letters do not become other letters if inverted.

Many other languages do not have inverted letters that become other letters. English b becomes d, p and sometimes q in regular fonts. Dyslexia Fonts decipher the differences to each letter. If you read a lot this will likely make your eyes less tired because the words are easier to understand quicker.

Great for Non-Dyslexia Readers too. If changing a font can assist in learning and aid interest in reading, then go at it! Booklandia Dyslexia Font is from Love Dyslexia Brand creators Simon Blake and Halimah Veon. The Booklandia Dyslexia Font comes in Regular, Bold, Light and Italic with all the extra characters needing for writing. Non Dyslexia Readers find this font easier reading with a slightly quicker result due to their not having to guess at letters.  The distinct letters achieve quicker reading with Booklandia Dyslexia Font. Mensa Organization has some interesting Dyslexia research if it is available to the public. Dyslexia Font Review Also consider Dyslexia Reading Overlays for Color Therapy affects during reading.   NOTE: This has no correlation to the Booklandia series that I wrote that included International mapping systems and altitude levels that was part of the renamed lions witches and warddrobes series with court overtakes in europe and russia.  Those Dyslexia color codes are different. Simon-Elliott Blake  


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