Shame of Dyslexia Illiteracy

Shame of Dyslexia Illiteracy

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Shame of Dyslexia Illiteracy

The Shame of Dyslexia Illiteracy affects individuals as well as society. The reality of being Illiterate or having Dyslexia affects learning. There are both positive affects and negative affects to Dyslexia Illiteracy.

The learning of Reading is altered with Dyslexia because there are more possibilities of sentences than what is literally linearly written. Each sentence could often become three, four or even fifteen different possible sentences. In order to learn how to read one needs to learn the other possible variations of sentences.

Learning about the Dyslexia Alphabet can be helpful.

The truth about being the shame of Dyslexia Illiteracy is the denial. Often when the Dyslexic Reader tells the truth about the way they see the page and the words they are told they are not believed.

Although it is hard for people to believe that Dyslexic Readers read letters reversed or upside down it is truth. There is nothing that is written in English that does not rotate, invert, or flip upside down while reading. There is about 15% of the English words that do not rotate into other words.

As 85% of the English alphabet rotates into other letters during reading Dyslexics are left being told they have to work harder. There is no amount of work that can achieve their literacy if the font does not change to them and how they actually read.

There is shame of Dyslexia Illiteracy every day for a Dyslexic Reader. If the font is changed to include differences so that when letters turn or invert they are more readable the illiteracy of the Dyslexia reverses. If the font remains with the b looking identical to an inverted or rotated d, p and q then the illiteracy of Dyslexia remains.

The Actual Shame of Dyslexia

The Actual Shame of Dyslexia is living with often times being smarter but then again still being illiterate. The predicament of reading and writing becomes a genius whom is unable to read but is able to know information.

If Dyslexics are able to learn by audible means they are often able to brain storm and contribute feeling the shame of Dyslexia the entire time. It is not uncommon for isolation to occur and desire to withdraw from many activities in reading.

Often times the least qualified people can be hired for jobs because they are book smart but have no experience. This adds to the feeling of shame which becomes a daily life struggle and actual fact of life for Dyslexics.

Many of the encouraging factors in Dyslexia is to celebrate the difference even when those around the Dyslexic refuse to accept the difference.

The life time achievement of just missing the moments of success becomes a regular happening.

What to do about Reading

The solutions to reading without being able to read is a difficulty. The first things to do is to admit that you don’t read well or read quickly. This will save frustration in trying to be something you are not. Admitting that you have Dyslexia is a difficult thing to do but it doesn’t mean that you can read entirely.

Having Dyslexia means that you have and struggle with Illiteracy. It is not your fault that you have Dyslexia. Many have tried and worked harder than others at reading. Later the results of learning to utilize different fonts or reading techniques are able to make things smoother and help out a bit.

Shame of Dyslexia Illiteracy is similar to being book smart with no talent in acting. The want to be Actor might be able to read well and stand on the cue but they are not able to have talent they do not have. Dyslexia means that you are not able to read without seeing the inverted meanings of the letters. The b turns to a d, p and q if the font is so similar that the letters are exact.

Most with Dyslexia have the ability to have quite a lot of talent and input even without being very literate. Linear logic sometimes will also be annoying to Dyslexics whom will work better in creative fields.

Groups like the Mensa group have members agree that Dyslexia is like a genius IQ, but in reality it is still illiteracy.

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