Reading Upside Down is Key

Being able to do reading upside down is key . Reading upside down is key to many functioning aspects of society.

Enabling yourself to stay with your Dyslexia by learning the alternative upside down lettering is the key to using your Dyslexia Intelligence.

Only ignorant (sometimes not by their own fault) people feel that Dyslexia readers are learning impaired. Yet, those similar individuals are unable to read upside down without impairment. They will often show signs of Bi-Polar, even teachers even attempting to read a paragraph upside down, never mind an entire short story.

Dyslexia readers are capable of greater diversity than linear readers. Linear thinkers also have incredible insights into many topics and both Dyslexia and Linear readers can form incredible think tank groups that can assist humanity and better infrastructure systems.

The ability to read upside down is the enhanced thinking ability that Dyslexia Readers have. Linear readers do not easily retain these qualities. They are not bad people for being linear thinkers, but they are linear thinkers. It is not easy for them to invert the letter combinations.

Upside Down Reading Intelligence

To comprehend Dyslexia it needs to be understood that upside down AND Reversed reading is part of brain processes. A Dyslexia Reader often tends towards artistic endeavors because they are capable of reading upside down and inverted concepts.

Linear minded people when tested with Dyslexia often show symptoms of Bi-Polarity and other Skitzophrenia behaviors. They are used to only seeing the world upright and now inverted or upside down. The experience of Dyslexia overwhelmes them.

Once Dyslexia experiences are given to linear readers and linear thinkers they can appreciate that Dyslexia Reading is an ability rather than dissability. This is key to overcoming the Social perceptions and promotions that Dyslexia is a Disease, which it is not.

Why Dyslexia is so Difficult

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Why Reading upside down is Key. Yes right frequency.

As Dyslexia readers are able to tune in differently than linear readers enabling them to read into what they see printed on the page differently and far more insightfully than linear readers.

They are able to see combinations of thoughts differently than linear mindsets. Thus deople may become codes within their languages that represent people, the inverting of p to d.

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