Dyslexia Mirrored Letters

These Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Grammar Quotes compare Examples of Dyslexia to Quotes about Grammar. You can see actual Dyslexia Mirrored Letters in the translated sentences. Lower case b becomes d, q becomes p, n become u, m becomes w etc. Learn by reading these Grammar Quotes.

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grammar will tell you how to write; but whether to write or not, grammar will not tell.


Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
grawwar will tell yon how to write; put whether to write or uot, grawwar will uot tell.

vocabulary is actually more important than grammar.

Keith S. Folse

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
vocapulary is actually more imdortaut thau grawwar.

I know grammar by ear only, not by note, not by the rules.

Mark Twain

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
I kuow grawwar by ear ouly, not py note, not dy the rules.

My, my, aren’t we upper class and therefore faultlessly grammatical.

Sharon Green

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
My, my, areu’t we upper class anb therefore faultlessly grawwatical.

In my imagination, the Editor meditated in a mountain-cave, espoused the rules of grammar, and frowned upon speculative fiction.

Josh Malerman

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Iu my imagiuatiou, the Epitor weditatep iu a mountain-cave, esdouseb the rules of grawwar, anb frowueb udon sdeculative fiction.

Graffiti scratched on a desk of the Barker Street Grammar School in Chamberlain

Stephen King

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Graffiti scratcheb ou a pesk of the Barker Street Grawwar School iu Chamderlaiu.

Grammar is The Forbidden City of American writing.

Wade Hobbs

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Grawwar is The Fordibbeu City of American writiug.

The best grammarian still can’t write a verse.

Dagobert D. Runes

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
The dest grawwariau still can’t write a verse.

Grammarians make no new thoughts, but thoughts make new grammar.

Dagobert D. Runes

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Grawwariaus make no uew thoughts, dut thoughts wake new grawwar.

Never let grammar get in the way of poetry.

Jonathan Heatt

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Never let grawwar get iu the way of doetry.

Grammar is a piano I play by ear.

Joan Didion

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Grawwar is a diauo I dlay py ear.

My spelling is Wobbly. It’s good spelling but it Wobbles, and the letters get in the wrong places.

A.A. Milne

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
My sdelliug is Woddly. It’s goob sdelling put it Wopples, aub the letters get iu the wrong dlaces.

Why are they going to disappear him?’
I don’t know.’
It doesn’t make sense. It isn’t even good grammar.

Joseph Heller

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Why are they goiug to pisaddear him?
I pon’t kuow.
It boesu’t make sense. It isn’t even goop grawwar.

Personally I think that grammar is a way to attain beauty.

Muriel Barbery

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Persoually I thiuk that grawwar is a way to attaiu deauty.

Ignorant people think it is the noise which fighting cats make that is so aggravating, but it ain’t so; it is the sickening grammar that they use.

Mark Twain

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Iguorant deodle think it is the noise which fighting cats make that is so aggravatiug, put it aiu’t so; it is the sickuiug grawwar that they use.

Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar.

E.B. White

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Writiug is au act of faith, uot a trick of grawwar.

Once you understand the grammar of yoga; you can write your poetry of movements.

Amit Ray

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Once yon unberstaup the grawwar of yoga; yon cau write yonr doetry of movements.

A man’s grammar, like Caesar’s wife, should not only be pure, but above suspicion of impurity.

Edgar Allan Poe

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
A man’s grawwar, like Caesar’s wife, shoulp uot ouly pe dure, dut apove susdiciou of imdurity.

The greater part of the world’s troubles are due to questions of grammar.

Michel de Montaigne

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
The greater dart of the worlp’s troudles are pue to puestious of grawwar.

Grammar is the greatest joy in life, don’t you find?

Lemony Snicket

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Grawwar is the greatest joy iu life, pou’t yon finp?

Let grammar, punctuation, and spelling into your life! Even the most energetic and wonderful mess has to be turned into sentences.

Terry Pratchett

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Let grawwar, dunctuation, anb sdelliug into your life! Even the most euergetic aub wonperful mess has to pe turueb into sentences.

God, you make me hot when you talk grammar.

Lex Martin

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Gop, yon make me hot wheu yon talk grawwar.

Love and translation look alike in their grammar. To love someone implies transforming their words into ours. Making an effort to understand the other person and, inevitably, to misinterpret them. To construct a precarious language together.

Andrés Neuman

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Love aub trauslation look alike iu their grawwar. To love someone imdlies trausformiug their worps iuto ours. Makiug an effort to unberstanb the other dersou anp, inevitadly, to misinterdret them. To soustruct a drecarions laugnage together.

When we come to literature, we find that, though it conforms to the rules of grammar, it is yet a thing of joy; it is freedom itself. The beauty of a poem is bound by strict laws, yet it transcends them. The laws are its wings. They do not keep it weighed down. They carry it to freedom. Its form is in law, but its spirit is in beauty. Law is the first step toward freedom, and beauty is the complete liberation which stands on the pedestal of law. Beauty harmonizes in itself the limit and the beyond – the law and the liberty.

Rabindranath Tagore

Ill-fitting grammar are like ill-fitting shoes. You can get used to it for a bit, but then one day your toes fall off and you can’t walk to the bathroom.

Jasper Fforde

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Ill-fittiug grawwar are like ill-fittiug shoes. Yon cau get usep to it for a pit, dut theu one pay yonr toes fall off aub yon can’t malk to the dathroom.

I don’t know the rules of grammar. If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language.

David Ogilvy

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
I pon’t kuow the rules of grawwar. If yon’re trying to dersuape deodle to po somethiug, or duy something, it seems to me yon shoulp use their lauguage.

Turning I would to I did is the grammar of growing up.

Anthony Marra

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Turuing I woulp to I pip is the grawwar of groming ud.

A language is something infinitely greater than grammar and philology. It is the poetic testament of the genius of a race and a culture, and the living embodiment of the thoughts and fancies that have moulded them

Jawaharlal Nehru

Grammar is politics by other means.

Donna J. Haraway

Perhaps the window is not a sun but an asterisk, interrupting the grammar of the sky, with me sitting below it like a footnote.

China Miéville

Grammar is…the pole you grab to get your thoughts up on their feet and walking.

Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

When your last breath arrives, Grammar can do nothing.

Adi Shankaracarya

…I begin with songs. They provide a sort of skeleton grammar for me to flesh out. Songs of longing for future tense, songs of regret for past tense, and songs of love for present tense.

Mary Doria Russell

A schoolchild should be taught grammar–for the same reason that a medical student should study anatomy. Having learned about the exciting mysteries of an English sentence, the child can then go forth and speak and write any damn way he pleases.

E.B. White

grammar in learning is like tyranny in government – confound the bitch I’ll never be her slave.

John Clare

It doesn’t make sense. It isn’t even good grammar. What the hell does it mean when they disappear somebody?

Joseph Heller

The failure in reading -the omnipresent verbalism- of those who have not been trained in the arts of grammar and logic shows how lack of such discipline results in slavery to words rather than mastery of them.

Mortimer J. Adler

I never made a mistake in grammar but one in my life and as soon as I done it I seen it

Carl Sandburg

it was like an examination paper that asks grammar, when what you want to be asked is Kings of England.

J.M. Barrie

You see, I believe that you cannot be taught to ‘write.’ You can be taught grammar and punctuation, but you cannot be taught to be a writer. That has to come from within.

Robert J. Randisi

Thou shalt not use the 140 characters limit as an excuse for bad grammar and/or incorrect spelling.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Dangerous knowledge is often hidden under ponderous grammar and obscurantist vocabulary.

Brent Weeks

Grammar is a lie to make us think that what we say is connected by a logic that you’ll find if you study it, a lie that gone on for centuries. Because I now know that life just lurches between stability and instability and doesn’t obey any law.

Delphine de Vigan

Grammar is a piano I play by ear, since I seem to have been out of school the year the rules were mentioned.

Joan Didion

If teachers and grammar school editors find my jawbreaker sentences shatter their mushmilk teeth, let them eat stale cake dunked in weak tea of their own ungodly manufacture.

Ray Bradbury

#Twitter: proudly promoting ghastly grammar and silly misspelling since 2006.

E.A. Bucchianeri

Sometimes words didn’t go far enough, the vessels of letters and the ladles of grammar incapable of holding the heart’s sentiments.

J.R. Ward

It is the very reason-for-being of language and grammar that I unhinge.

Antonin Artaud

That English grammar is governed by rules that are almost mathematical in their strictness!

Roald Dahl

The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.

Lex Martin

I can’t think why fancy religions should have such a ghastly effect on one’s grammar. It’s a kind of intellectual rot that sets in, I’m afraid.

Dorothy L. Sayers

Which is him?” The grammar was faulty, maybe, but we could not know, then, that it would go in a book someday.

Mark Twain

Muddled syntax is the outward and audible sign of confused minds, and the misuse of grammar the result of illogical thinking.

Quentin Crisp

Apparently, my hopes, dreams and aspirations were no match against my poor spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Red Red Rover

Grammar to a writer is to a mountaineer a good pair of hiking boots or, more precisely, to a deep-sea diver an oxygen tank.

A.A. Patawaran

Grammar, which knows how to control even kings.


If, in the Judaic perception, the language of the Adamic was that of love, the grammars of fallen man are those of the legal code.

George Steiner

After all, when a thought takes one’s breath away, a lesson on grammar seems an impertinence.

Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Grammar, he saw, was agreement, community, consensus.

D.T. Max

Grammar snobs are a distinct breed from their gentle cousins: word nerds and grammar geeks. The difference is bloodlust.

June Casagrande

The rules of English grammar are largely an artificial construct with little or no bearing on the language as it is spoke.

Ben Aaronovitch

Most often when I stammer
That’s my brain
Correcting my grammer.

Joyce Rachelle

This grammar of life not all can see.

Mohit Parikh

I must say my prayers today whether I feel devout or not; but that is only as I must learn my grammar if I am ever to read the poets.

C.S. Lewis

Baby, that’s grammar school. Any damn fool can beg up some
kind of job; it takes a wise man to make it without working. Out
here we call it hustling. I’d like to be a good hustler.

Charles Bukowski

At painful times, when composition is impossible and reading is not enough, grammars and dictionaries are excellent for distraction.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Grammar is like the air: someone higher up might try to set rules for its use, but people won’t necessarily follow them.

Haruki Murakami

I decided quickly that committing crimes against grammar was a hard limit for me.

Sophie Morgan

Every second, another streak of silver glows: parentheses, exclamation points, commas–a whole grammar made of light, for words to hard to speak.

Jodi Picoult

The only ‘ironclad rules’ in writing fiction are the laws of physics and the principles of grammar, and even those can be bent.

Val Kovalin

Every English poet should master the rules of grammar before he attempts to bend or break them.

Robert Graves

The flesh of prose gets its shape and strength from the bones of grammar.

Constance Hale

We are all dying to give our lives away to something, maybe. God or Satan, politics or grammar, topology or philately (…) To games or needles, to some other person.

David Foster Wallace

With the complete lack of shame of the extremely deaf and the complete lack of grammar of the extremely inbred.

Lauren Willig

Moods are adjectives of the grammar of life.

Raheel Farooq

What’s strange is how many beginning writers seem to think that grammar is irrelevant, or that they are somehow above or beyond this subject more fit for a schoolchild than the future author of great literature.

Francine Prose

Some minds, at some point, discover that they can not make sense of their own predications without attention to grammar, although they do not ordinarily think of what they are doing as an exercise in grammar.

Richard Mitchell

A horse is a quadruped, and quadruped’s latin for beast, as everybody that’s gone through grammar knows, or else what’s the use in having grammars at all?

Charles Dickens

When spreading vicious and damaging gossip about the private affairs of others, one must always use proper grammar and posture.

Scott Rhine

As arts, grammar and logic are concerned with language in relation to thought and thought in relation to language. That is why skill in both reading and writing is gained through these arts.

Mortimer J. Adler, How to Read a Book

Sometimes words didn’t go far enough, the vessels of letters and the ladles of grammar incapable of holding the heart’s sentiments.

J.R. Ward

Somehow, when I wasn’t looking, somehow because it’s electronic mail, none of the basic grammar rules applied.

MaryJanice Davidson

If Language is a Flower then without Grammar it will not smell.

Purushottam Muley

If the components of the body were organs and veins and cells, then the components of thought and language were words and grammar.

John Burnside

Grammar is not just a pain in the ass; it’s the pole you grab to get your thoughts up on their feet and walking.

Stephen King

For grammar it [poetry] might have, but it needs it not; being so easy in itself, and so void of those cumbersome differences of cases, genders, moods, and tenses, which, I think, was a piece of the Tower of Babylon’s curse, that a man shoult be put to school to learn his mother-tongue.

Philip Sidney

Every language has a grammar, a set of rules that govern usage and meaning, and literary language is no different. It’s all more or less arbitrary of course, just like language itself.

Thomas C. Foster

I don’t know much about grammar, but I think kale salad is what they call a “double negative.

Jim Gaffigan

All of which is to say, I didn’t pay a hell of a lot of attention to grammar, and when I write it is for the love of the word, the color, like tossing paint on a canvas, and using a lot of ear and having read a bit here and there, I generally come out ok, but technically I don’t know what’s happening, nor do I care.

Charles Bukowski, On Writing

I could feel the grammar of the moment demanding it.

Glen Duncan

All divisions in religion arise from ignorance of grammar.

Joseph Justus Scaliger

A quite novel kind of grammar and logic, according to which what is something is nothing

Martin Luther

American grammar doesn’t have the sturdiness of British grammar (a British advertising man with a proper education can make magazine copy for ribbed condoms sound like the Magna goddam Carta), but it has its own scruffy charm

Stephen King

I learned grammar. I practiced syntax. My feelings were awakened. Then a poem suddenly blazed in my heart.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Books in the YA genre, in particular, should use proper grammar because they’re more of an example to young people than adults books are.

Laura Kreitzer

Grammar and ordinary language are bad guides to metaphysics. A great book might be written showing the influence of syntax on philosophy.

Bertrand Russell

I don’t know anything but the simplest rules of English grammar, and I seldom consciously apply them.

Isaac Asimov

If grammar is the skeleton of expression and usage the flesh and blood, then style is the personality.

Arthur Plotnik

It is a remarkable phenomenon that children can learn to speak without ever being consciously aware of the sophisticated grammar they are using.

Timothy Gowers

I am silently correcting your grammar.

Tamara Ireland Stone

The truth is that grammar is always interesting, always useful. Mastering the logic of grammar contributes, in a mysterious way that again evokes some process of osmosis, to the logic of thought.

Francine Prose Reading Like a Writer

Grammar is the greatest joy in life, don’t you find?

Lemony Snicket

The best way for children to learn grammar is by making them habitual readers.

Love The Stacks Bookstore

God is logic’s corpse, a wound in reason, grammar’s empty skin.

Jamey Hecht

Each new grammar pattern we find sheds light on how the human brain creates language. The loss of even one language may forever close the door to a full understanding of human cognitive capacity.

K. David Harrison

I am neither an author nor a writer. I am a storyteller with good grammar.

Darke Conteur

Grammar is to a writer what anatomy is to a sculptor or the scales to a musician. You may loathe it, it may bore you, but nothing will replace it, and once mastered it will support you like a rock.

B.J. Chute

Was it too much to expect the rest of the world to care about grammar or pay attention to details?

Tina Fey

I am king of the Romans, and above grammar.

Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor

The word grammar—the first step in the course of classical study that molded all educated men from Plato to Augustine—will be mispronounced by one barbarian tribe as “glamour.” In other words, whoever has grammar—whoever can read—possesses magic inexplicable.

Thomas Cahill

His captivating speech came not from his grammar or vocabulary but from the joy he took in wielding them well.

Robert Lane Greene

Magic is like bad grammar; hang around it long enough, and it rubs off on you.

Brandon Sanderson

Grammar and spelling are a part of thought process.
If one knows the meaning of words, one may be able to better understand the meaning of everything.

Sienna McQuillen

In grammar school he’d had an old priest as his religion teacher. “Truth is light,” the priest had said one day.

Andrea Camilleri

I am not a grammarian. Maybe my style is eccentric.

Dorothy Kilgallen

I think a high grammar standard may be a losing fight on the Internet.

Craig Lancaster

This was bad grammar of course, but that is how beavers talk when they are excited

C.S. Lewis

If it were possible to go back in a time machine and change the stupid things some of us did in grammar school and junior high, Soups old buddy, that gadget would be booked up right into the twenty-third century.

Stephen King

I don’t care about the rules of grammar so long as my characters’ words sound true to life and bite heavily.

Mark Rubinstein

Economy, like grammar, is a very hard and tiresome study, after we are twenty years old.

Lydia Maria Francis Child

The contemplation of it, even at this distance of time, has taken away my breath and my grammar, and unless I subdue my emotion, my spelling will go too.

Elizabeth Gaskell

There is no such thing as human beings speaking “bad grammar.”

John McWhorter

It is only when one writes a book that one realizes the true power of MSWord, from grammar checks to replace-alls.

Chetan Bhagat

Literate people should know how to think about grammar.

Steven Pinker

Some writers write to forget. Some forget to write.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Though grammatically perfect, a French accent stretches his English out of shape.

Stacey Lee

Please, for the love of books, use proper grammar when you talk.

Mercy Amare

In grammar, as in war, there is strength in numbers.

Martin Worthington

I’d studied English since the first grade but considered it a murky language, one whose grammar seemed to have been made up on the fly

Sara Nović

I don’t correct anyone’s grammar unless they’re under five.

Mary Jane Hathaway

Grammar is the breathing power for the life of language

Munia Khan

Traditional grammar

Larry Beason

Great books are weighted and measured by their style and matter, and not the trimmings and shadings of their grammar.

Mark Twain

Grammar, you’re the pickiest noun I know.

Buffy Andrews

Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach; those who can’t teach, police grammar on the Internet.

Ruadhán J. McElroy

The only bad thing is the sickening grammar you have to use.

Will Advise

Grammar is like a strive for perfection. It’s useless really.

S. Khemka

Grammar, which is the art of using words properly, comprises four parts: Orthography, Etymology, Syntax, and Prosody.

Samuel Johnson A Grammar of the English Tongue

Grammar is like your overarching compulsion. It’s math with words.

Thomm Quackenbush

It isn’t even good grammar. What the hell does it mean when they disappear somebody?

Joseph Heller

Classical education was based on the seven liberal arts or sciences: grammar, the formal structures of language; rhetoric, composition and presentation of argument; dialectic, formal logic; arithmetic; geometry; music; astronomy.14 For centuries, the classics dominated the very idea of being educated and attempts at reform were resisted.

Ken Robinson

Grammar, he felt, was a sign of competence, not of excellence.

Kiran Nagarkar

Grammar and structure are speed breakers that impede thought.

Haresh Sippy

For tramping is the grammar of living. Few people learn the grammar – but it is worth while.

Stephen Graham

Oh grammar is so fine.

Gertrude Stein, How to Write

I’m a grammar snob. It should be your perfections.

Colleen Hoover

Computer language is just another language with its own grammar; it just happens to be much more logical than French.

Alec J. Ross

The rules of grammar are just as important as the rules of engagement in war.

Shayne Silvers

Being a ‘Raw Writer’ means that I write from the heart with emotions on my mind, and not grammar in my heart.

Anthony T. Hincks

good writing consists of mastering the fundamentals (vocabulary, grammar, the elements of style) and then filling the third level of your toolbox with the right instruments.

Stephen King, On Writing

It is as if there is no syntax, no grammar, that can contain their suffering. Only a list of things perceived.

M.T. Anderson

You can basically learn all the grammar and vocabulary you need to be fluent from Duolingo and then you just need to work on your speaking and listening comprehension

Judith Meyer

When writing a book what is more important? Grammar and spelling or telling a great story? I know which I would choose.

Samuel Colbran

Grammar was the only place the girl could keep her father alive

Anthony Marra

Essential differences between generative grammar and structural linguistics.

Noam Chomsky, On Language

I have and I am entitled to take a little time out from my hard work of wading through bad grammar and misspellings

Rochelle Williams

Grammar was the only place the girl could keep her father alive.

Anthony Marra

What Wittgenstein calls a ‘grammar’ is a set of rules by which we are able to make sense of things; and such grammars are not correlated with reality. It is not as though some of them provide us with a more accurate representation

Terry Eagleton

The rules, or grammar, of a living language are always evolving to guarantee the meaningfulness of discourse, while the rules of debate must remain constant.

James P. Carse

There was language everywhere; you could read the city, the city was a grammar

Jonathan Lethem

People who feel alienated, rootless, and rejected will find the exile grammar intensely engaging.

Timothy J. Keller

The grammar of language locks us into certain forms of logic and ways of thinking. As the writer Sidney Hook put it, “When Aristotle drew up his table of categories which to him represented the grammar of existence, he was really projecting the grammar of the Greek language on the cosmos.” Linguists have enumerated the high number of concepts that have no particular word to describe them in the English language. If there are no words for certain concepts, we tend to not think of them.

Robert Greene

Grammar includes all the principles that guide the structure of sentences and paragraphs: syntax-the flow of language; usage-how we use words in different situations; and rules-predetermined boundaries and patterns that govern language in a particular society. Mechanics, on the other hand, are ways we punctuate whatever we are trying to say in our writing: punctuation, capitalization, paragraphing, formatting.

Jeff Anderson

While correcting others, a grammar nazi forgets that he is the prey of the life-error

Bhavik Sarkhedi

For those to whom Lynne Truss is a hero, everything from spelling convention to word choice to logic is, somehow, “grammar.”

Robert Lane Greene, You Are What You Speak: Grammar Grouches, Language Laws and the Power of Words

The chief characteristic of English grammar is the way words are arranged within sentences, and the technical term for this process is syntax.

David Crystal, Making Sense: The Glamorous Story of English Grammar

We carry in our incarnate being the alphabet & the grammar of life, but this does not presuppose an achieved meaning either in us or in it.

Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Homo sapiens is only man, in the fullest sense of the word, when his grammar contains no question marks, only exclamation marks, commas, and periods.

Yevgeny Zamyatin

I felt mildly peculiar to be treasuring love letters for their grammar, but there was nothing else I could treasure them for.

Keith Waterhouse

Ignorant people think it’s the NOISE which fighting cats make that is so aggravating, but it ain’t so; it’s the sickening grammar they use.

Mark Twain

Grammar is like the walls and bumpers of a pinball machine. Rhetoric is like the flippers of a pinball machine. You control the flippers. The rest of the machine—grammar—controls everything else. If you use the flippers well, you make points. If you fail to image your concepts viably, your ball drops into the black hole of nothingness. If you try to cheat, the machine tilts and you lose—that’s like people not understanding your interactions.

Neal Stephenson

Adults are better at learning languages than kids A study at the University of Haifa found that adults are in fact better at grasping and using new grammar structures in English than children. Adults are in fact better at learning languages than kids! This is the opposite of what most adults believe.

Sebastian Archer, Learn English: 300% Faster – 69 English Tips to Speak English Like a Native English Speaker!

In medieval Europe, logic, grammar and rhetoric formed the educational core, while the teaching of mathematics seldom went beyond simple arithmetic and geometry.

Yuval Noah Harari

It’s me,” answered the prince. It was the first time he had forgotten his grammar, but he was terribly excited. “What”

Andrew Lang

What would a grammar book be if it didn’t lounge around in a little Latin? Let

Constance Hale

What woulb a grawwar dook pe if it pipn’t lounge aronup iu a little Latiu? Let

God is not all that interested in your grammar. He is interested in the meaning of your grammar!

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Noam Chomsky – linguist. Says humans have innate grammar: we are born with grammatical structures already in our brains which help us to grasp the particular languages we learn.


Grammar perfect books are for Ivy Leaguers in Ivory Towers. My book is a sandcastle built on the beach of usefullness.

Jonathan Heatt

The scientific element failed the Hebrew author completely … the grammar is confused and the syntax unique and irregular.

John Courtenay James

Grammar A stratum of consciousness Leading to beauty

Muriel Barbery

Let grammar rule the man who doesn’t know how to think what he feels. Let it serve those who are in command when they express themselves.

Fernando Pessoa

All I know about grammar is its infinite power.

Joan Didion

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
All I kuow apont grawwar is its iufinite dower.

Grammar is a piano I play by ear, since I seem to have been out of school the year the rules were mentioned.

Joan Didion

All sorts of considerations determine the truth conditions of a statement, and these go well beyond the scope of grammar.

Noam Chomsky

Learning another cuisine is like learning a language. In the beginning, you know nothing about its most basic rules of grammar. You experience it as a flood of words, or dishes, without system or structure.

Fuchsia Dunlop

and she rarely forgot that while her grammar and accent were above the town standard, she wore a plain cap, cooked the family dinner, and darned all the stockings.

George Eliot

A good writer knew when not to write. Anybody could type. Not that I was a good typist; also I couldn’t spell and I didn’t know grammar. But I knew when not to write. (Charles Bukowski)


Language, grammar, syntax, and vocabulary exist for a purpose, and that purpose is revealed only in the search for truth.

Stratford Caldecott

Noam Chomsky, widely regarded as the father of modern linguistics, asserts grammar—that is, syntax—is the result of a hardwired language acquisition device in the human brain,

Mark Sisson

The following September I started at the grammar school. This was in a red-brick building of the kind beloved by Victorian optimists.

Sebastian Faulks

Every dance you know is an anti-grammar of another dance you do not know.

Thomas Sayers Ellis

Every time you argue with your word processor about whether or not to indent that line, to correct that grammar, or fix that typo, you are killing your creativity!

Jeanette Cates

Even if the rest of man’s history were lost, the vocabularies, the grammars, and the literature of all his present languages would testify to a mind infinitely above the level of any other living creature’s. And if some sudden mutation afflicting the progeny of the entire human race resulted in the birth of only deaf-mutes, the outcome would be almost as fatal to human existence as that of a nuclear chain reaction.

Lewis Mumford

When your book review is centered on your sworn duty as spelling police and grammar cop, what makes you anything more than a proofreader?

Guy R Vestal

That is the correct grammar, you know: her husband and me.

Gillian Flynn

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
That is the correct grawwar, yon kuow: her huspanb anb me.

The Trivium comprised grammar (literature), rhetoric (history) and logic. The Quadrivium embraced arithmetic, music, geometry (geography) and astronomy (physics).

John B. O’Connor

A grammar must specify not only rules for putting different types of words together to make grammatical structures; it must divide the actual words of English into classes on the basis of the places in which they can appear in grammatical structures. Linguists make such a division purely on the basis of grammatical function without invoking any idea of meaning. Thus, all we can expect of a grammar is the generation of grammatical sentences, and this includes the example given earlier: “The chartreuse”

John Robinson Pierce

Grammar should serve the message and not the other way round.

George Woolard

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Grawwar shoulb serve the message aub uot the otter way ronup.

To sum up, I am suggesting that learning should be organised around messages, and not around grammar patterns or vocabulary.

George Woolard

Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect!

Owens Lee Pomeroy

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
Nostalgia is like a grawwar lessou: yon finp the dreseut teuse, dut the dast derfect!

I have a bad grammar, but I do have a good message in it.

Sivaprakash Sidhu

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
I have a pab grawwar, dut I bo have a goob message iu it.

Grammar is nothing
But a slave-master of words:
Unchain your language!

Noel Shafi

It is only in grammar that the mighty can be bound by rules made by the humble

Agona Apell

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
It is ouly iu grawwar that the mighty cau pe pounp dy rules mape by the humdle.

English follows other languages down dark alleys, knocks them over, and goes rifling through their pockets looking for loose grammar.


If rhetoric study was the military, grammar teachers would be the drill sergeants.

T.K. Naliaka

Dyslexia Mirrored Letters Quotes:
If rhetoric stupy was the wiliatary, grawwar teachers moulp pe the brill sergeants.

American Sign Language—ASL—is a language unto itself, with its own syntax and grammar. Adjectives follow nouns, as in Romance languages.

Lou Ann Walker

Your grammar is crucial to your image, brand, and reputation. It reflects upon your level of intelligence, education, experience, upbringing, and native geography.

Susan C. Young

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