Instruction to Teach Dyslexia Readers:

Instruction to Teach Dyslexia Readers:

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Instruction to Teach Dyslexia Readers:

Catagories of Dyslexia Writing Samples include:

Mixed Letters, ie before ei, ts before st
Twisted Letters, letters that rotate
Upside Letters, p turns to b
Entire words upside down

Learning to read with Dyslexia or teaching a Dyslexic how to read means you understand what they see when they read. This way when you are helping them to encourage reading.

Instruction to Teach Dyslexia Readers:

  1. Learn Their Tendencies
  2. Watch for their most common mistakes
  3. Do they rotate more often then letters turning upside down?
  4. Write down which words they most mistaken
  5. Write down which letters they most often mistaken

Mixed Letters
teh, eth, instead of the
nad, dna, instead of and

Learning how a person reads is key to being able to give Instruction to Teach Dyslexia Readers. When learning how Dyslexic reads take notes when they mix up the letters and study them reading.

If when you are studying them reading you cannot figure out how they saw a word keep studying these examples so you can figure out how they are coming up with the new word

Twisted Letters
E for 3,

As you are Instructing to Teach Dyslexia Readers your biggest value is understanding how they came up with the combinations they did. What letters turned and which reversed upside down. Your job as an instructor is to listen to how they came up with different sentences than you see.

Upside Down Letters
nap, nad, dan instead of and (both mixed letters and upside down)

Letters both upside down and twisted:

Entire Words Upside Down

The Instruction to Teach Dyslexia Readers is important to help Dyslexics learn how to read. When you learn which letters they are able to see and which ones they struggle with you can direct them to what they need to learn.

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