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Knowing how a Dyslexia Reader see’s is key to improving their Dyslexia. The importance of Improve Dyslexia Articles are to illustrate Dyslexia. Dyslexia Readers see’s inverted and upside down text while reading. Dyslexia is not the jumbling of words but the rotation of letters and words. 😊📖

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Dyslexia Articles gain the needed insights into Dyslexia. Gaining comprehension of what the rotation of words actually mean helps to discern Dyslexia from unfocused reading efforts.

This site and these Improve Dyslexia Articles goal is to put in print what the experience of Dyslexia is like.  Knowing the difference between a turned letter vs. a jumbled letter makes a huge difference.  Knowing when the unfocused reader is not concentrating enough vs. the attentive Dyslexic Reader who is just seeing the words in rotated form is key.

Here is a list of Dyslexia Articles at Improve Dyslexia.  The goal of the articles are to show the inverted reading patterns of Dyslexics.

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