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How to Develop Dyslexia Fonts

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How to Develop Dyslexia Fonts.

There are many reasons to need to create Dyslexia Fonts. Here is how you can develop your own Dyslexia Fonts. Step by Step.

This is negotiating of how to utilize typeface to put out into the open.  It is important to be transparent too but not give the graphic programs. This will give credence to the purchasing of the work.

It is interesting how if we help the community develop if we will be able to better the understanding about the solutions about typeface and thus giving ourselves more sales and credits to the work that we have done.


  1. This is a testing comment as we get the site up and running about Dyslexia and Dyslexics.

    We appreciate Dysgraphic (Dysgraphia) and other creative disorders and will offer some simple solutions to those with it, as well as Dyslexia.

    Each articles will lead to better acceptance of creativity of Dyslexics and those with Dysgraphia Issues.

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