Grade Three Dyslexia Spelling

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Grade 3 Dyslexia Words Month #1:

Non Dyslexic words

key, heavy, easy, class, carry, teacher

The w/m Factor
calm, mark, exam, match, army
calm = calw
mark = wark
exam = exaw
match = watch
army = arwy

The n/u Factor
listen, lesson, knife, jury, tiny, knives, country
listen = listeu
lesson = lessou
knife = kuife
jury = jnry
tiny = tiuy
knives = kuives
country =conntry, couutry, conutry

Grade Three Dyslexia Words

copy, taught, fight, third, knew, energy, grade, knife, lamb, funny, lesson, listen, happy, passed, might, right, jury, exam, sign, myself, pencil, tight, ready, paper, wrap, tiny, quiz, wrong, type, army, woman, women, boxes, person, party, country, match, guess, knives

copy = coby, cody, coqy
taught = tanght, tan6ht, tan9ht, tau6ht, tau9ht
fight = fi6ht, fi9ht
third = thirb, thirp, thirq
knew = kuew, kuem, knem
energy = euergy, euer6y, euer9y, ener6y, ener9y (9 is optional approach)
grade = 6rade, 6rabe, 6rape, 6raqe, (9rabe, 9rape, 9raqe, 9rade) we dont do moving letters
lamb = lamd, lamp, lamq, lawb, lawd, lawp, lawq
funny = fnnny, fnuny, fnuuy, funny, fuuny, fuuuy

happy = habby, haddy, haqqy, habdy, habpy, habqy, hadby, hadpy, hadqy, hapby, hapdy, hapqy, haqby, haqdy, haqqy, haqpy
passed = bassed, basseb, bassep, basseq, dassed, dasseb, dassep, dasseq, passeb, passep, passeq, qassed, qasseb, qassep, qasseq
might = wight, mi6ht, wi6ht
right = ri6ht

sign = si6n, si6u
myself = wyself
pencil = peucil, beucil, deucil, qeucil, bencil, dencil, qencil
tight = ti6ht
ready = reaby, reapy, reaqy
paper = baper, daper, qaper, paber, pader, paqer, baber, dader, qaqer
wrap = wrab, wrad, wraq, mrab, mrad, mrap, mraq

quiz = qniz, buiz, bniz, duiz, dniz, puiz, pniz
wrong = mrong, mroug, mrou6, wroug, wrou6
type = tybe, tyde, tyqe

woman = moman, mowan, momau, mowau, wowan, womau, wowau
women = momen, mowen, momeu, moweu, wowen, womeu, woweu
boxes = doxes, poxes, qoxes
person = persou, bersou, berson, dersou, derson, qersou, qerson
party = barty, darty, qarty
guess = gness, 6ness, 6uess

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Improve Dyslexia Love Dyslexic Reading

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