Grade One Dyslexia Spelling

Grade One Dyslexia Spelling

Grade One Dyslexia Spelling examples are in attached links and product links. Download handouts through store or study on website.

The video series below is linked to training that helps Dyslexia Readers achieve reading.

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Improve Dyslexia Love Dyslexic Reading
Improve Dyslexia Love Dyslexic Reading

Grade One Dyslexia Spelling
Grade One Dyslexia Spelling Intro

Grade One week One Video

Learn the excitement of reading even with Dyslexia by studying the Dyslexia alternatives to words. Once memorizing the alternatives to linear words reading becomes easier.

In this video we go over the words this, a, flat, sat, so, rat, of, I , his, fat, they, and hat. We explore being able to see the differences that turn these words turn and rotate but remain what they are with added rotations. As the course has separated these words into the initial teaching of these letters which do not turn into Dyslexia Variations.

We start to introduce the difference between rotated words and letters and Dyslexia Variations which need Dyslexic letters in order to confuse the reader in major ways. This is a great introduction to Dyslexia reading and achieving encouragement to understand what happens when Dyslexia Readers actually read words.

Grade One week Two Video:

In this video we go over the words the, that, she, at, if, as, he, ca, my, and me. We explore the different examples of Non-Dyslexia words which letters do not contain Dyslexia Letters. Dyslexia Letters when rotating turn and twist into different letters.

Additionally we explore and start to introduce the w / m Factor. This is an initial introduction to what occurs in reading when the w or the m is read as each others letters.

Grade One Dyslexia Week Two Blake Dyslexia Variations Spelling Course Learn Dyslexia spelling vs the rotation of letters. Understand how letters rotate when reading and being written by Dyslexics. Realize the how the rotation of letters in grade one words affects the reading and writing of words and letters. Achieve recognizing Dyslexia writing in grade one.

Grade One week Three Video:

In this video we go over the words am, we, them, mat, us, an, on, no. We learn quickly how the word no and on get mixed up by a Dyslexia reader unless they pay attention! We fully explain the principle of a w / m Factor where m and w and w and m reverse with each other. We show many examples which are in these words where the w / m Factor applies.

In addition we review a new concept called the n / u Factor. We see examples in this list of words which the n and the u rotated and flip to replace one another in words.