famous dyslexia people

Famous Dyslexia People

Find sentences of Dyslexia translations of Famous Dyslexia People to compare Dyslexia Sentences to actual quotes.  This will help to appreciate the difficulties in reading for Dyslexics.  

Famous Dyslexia People reveal the histories of Dyslexia. The ‘Discovery’ of Dyslexia first happened in the Delaware Region in east America connecting Dupont with International Communities. . The Mensa arguments were interesting as the term had not been used before mid 1973ish period.

Dyslexia Translation Explained:
Most Common Letters for Dyslexia Alphabet Changes: 

d, b, p, and q all look the same with Non-Dyslexia Fonts
Capital E can look like a 3
lower case l can look like an i in many fonts
lower case g can look like a 6
u and n can look identical

Dyslexia Reading Overlays Examples
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List of Famous Dyslexia People

Click Link to go to Page. Each Page Examples Dyslexia using Famous Quotes:
Albert Einstein
Alexander Graham Bell
Christie Athey
Nikola Tesla
Thomas Paine Edison Jefferson – Coming Soon!
Picasso Pablo
F Scott Fitzgerald
Galileo Galilei
George Burns
George S Patton
George Washington
Hans Christian Anderson
Isaac Newton
James Clerk Maxwell
John F Kennedy
John Lennon
Leonardo da Vinci
Carroll Lewis
Ludwig van Beethoven
Marlon Brando
Micheal Faraday Caine
Muhammad Ali
Ozzy Osbourne
Richard Branson
Robert Williams
Stephen Jobs
Stephen McQueen Murphy
Sly Stallone
Thomas Edison
W B Yeats
Walter Disney
Whoopi Goldberg
Woodrow Wilson

Cold Electricity
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After the birth of Dyslexia there were arguments with those in Northern Canada who had ties to England about their desire for the birth of Dyslexia to be English. But prior to that date there had been nothing written with that term.

It is very true that when Walter Disney was about to publish the truth about California involvements of ww2 after his fathers passing that an all Capital Font was published, at least privately used. It was easier to read and font text was played with around that to help with reading. The issue was that many newly printed American books did not use the font that was distinctive that was often used in older English books.

Convincing bright intellects that they were actually dyslexic was a challenge in the Mensa Groups. It was clear that really smart people got bored and would creatively envision letters reversed or upside down as a way to entertain themselves.

These Famous Dyslexia People all acclaimed to have Dyslexia. Know that the boredom of learning for a bright intellect can be a chore. Often it is more beneficial to allow the adult or child to learn how they choose to. If they prefer to read or if they prefer to listen to audio books.

famous dyslexia people
famous dyslexia people, m switches to w, p switches to d

To think of these Famous Dyslexia People as being stupid or dumb would be wrong. Most of the highest intellects have to work through the boredoms of linear thinking.

Instead make the reading time fun by turning the book upside down to test the intellects ability to read upside down rather than mock their situation.

A Dyslexia film followed up from the 70s disputes with what many thought was a media spiff. It started the careers of an ambitious Actor and a few others.

The solutions for Famous Dyslexia People are to use the language inverts creatively. Finding variants of solutions and realize that often a linearly written b looks identical upside down as a p in the English Language.

The New Version of Dyslexia
Famous Dyslexia People are now recategorized from being brilliant to being thought of as having disease. Modernist education changed the term to include all ailments in learning how to read to being Dyslexic.

If indeed the reader is able to read the pages or words upside down than they need to practice reading how they are capable. Gaining the ability to learn how to read upside down is actually a fun thing to do for a pastime.

The only thing that matters when reading is being able to get the information and concepts off the page. To be able to read the concepts and reacquire them in your own thought processes.

We will see what the future brings for Dyslexia!
Enjoy these Famous Dyslexia Peoples pages. See how Dyslexics read by comparing the two versions of the quotes.

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p.s. Metallics in injections and some food products can cause parts of Dyslexia. The inability to read is not Dyslexia. Reading with the ability to see reverse letters is Dyslexia. Synthetic Vaccines can cause a slow down of logic and capability with reading.

Dyslexia Fonts

Using a Dyslexia Font will encourage your ability to read.  Trying to stop the letters from flipping or reversing while reading is more difficult than just learning to read the letters upside down.  If you read the letters upside down you can still gain ‘normal’ reading retention.    

If you use a Dyslexia Font you will be able to see the letters clearer.  When you use fonts that have differentiating differences you are able to read more effectively.  If the b, d and p look identical in the font you will not be able to read it as readily if you are Dyslexic.  

There is a summary of Five Dyslexia Fonts at this link

Dyslexia Summary

Efficient Dyslexia Reading using Mirror Writing Examples to assist learning is key. There is no shame in learning to read words upside down or inverted. Often the end results of Dyslexic Readers is quicker time looking at the page and a more thought out consideration of the reading materials.

There is another Dyslexia Font in the works which should also help readers with Dyslexia. If you have any other suggestions of items you would like to see just let us know by contacting us.

font license grants the owner the right to use a typeface in a specific manner as outlined in the license. (Note that in this article we are going to use the terms “font” and “typeface” rather interchangeably.) Every typeface comes with a license of some sort – even those free online typefaces.

Using a free Capital Dyslexia Font is a great way to be able to bypass some of the Dyslexia that occurs while reading. Mirror Word Examples help Dyslexics Learn!

Enjoy Learning about Famous Dyslexia People and their outlooks!

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