Explaining the Dyslexia Alphabet

Explaining the Dyslexia Alphabet is a basic need to know in education. Learning that the Dyslexia Alphabet has more than the regular 26 letters is the basics to understanding Dyslexic Readers.

This explanation corelates with the following pages.

Reading Dyslexia g as 6
Dyslexia Backwards 3, Reading 3 as E
Reading Dyslexia m as w
Reading Dyslexia n as z
Reading Dyslexia b as d
Reading Dyslexia p as b
Reading Dyslexia b as p

The importance of this study is to be on the same page as Dyslexia Readers. Some Dyslexics will only have one or two of the above issues and some will have all plus a couple surprises. Explaining the Dyslexia Alphabet is simple with the following simple understanding.

Reading Explaining the Dyslexia Alphabet

Dyslexia Alphabet Breakdown

We all know, even Dyslexics that the English alphabet has 26 letters. However to the Dyslexic Reader there are actually more letters to consider than linear readers.

What results is having to consider more possibilities of words and sentences, and yes, even letters when even reading only the alphabet.

Normal Letters in English,

Number of letters
a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n,
o, p, q, r, s, t u, v, w, x, y, z
Total Letters = 26

Dyslexia Alphabet Breakdown

b, (also: p, d, q)
d, (also: b, p, q)
e, f, g (also 6)
h, i, j, k, l, m, n (also u)
= 22 Letters (including #6)
o, p (also: b, d, q)
q (also: b, d, p)
r, s, t, u (also: n)
v, w (also: m)
x, y, z (also: N)
= 21 Letters

SO, 22 Letters plus 21 Letters =

a 43 Letter Explaining the Dyslexia Alphabet

Explaining the Dyslexia Alphabet

Does this happen in other languages.

The answer is yes. Dyslexia does occur with both inverted, rotated and flipped letter variation in other languages. However, many other languages do not have as many letters and combinations be able to invert into exact other letters in the same language.

SO, other other languages have Dyslexic Readers but their inverted letters don’t become as many identical letters when turned or inverted.

Dyslexia Letters that Move positions

As we start to understand that Dyslexic readers in fact have an extra vocabulary to learn than linear reading we start to learn more about them as people and understand them better. We may not realize when we are teaching or learning as Dyslexics that we are Dyslexic unless we have a teacher or guidance counsellor realize that we are struggling with mostly Dyslexia Alphabet letters or words.

In explaining the Dyslexia Alphabet we can achieve the realities of reading by knowing where to put the additional effort towards reading.

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