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Dyslexic Society of Creatives

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Dyslexic Society of Creatives

Dyslexic Society of Creatives are mixed within our society because often times they are the quickest to conceptualize ideas and rotate their existence into solutions. Society often moves forward and progresses based off of Dyslexics ideas or suggestions. Understand what is Dyslexic thinking.

Dyslexic thinkers are creative folks, adults, and children who are born with the creative ability to invert, ex-vert and rotate mirror images of things in life and in reading and writing. 

When reading they come up with different combinations of words than linear readers come up with.  For instance, readers, and reapers are an invert of the vertical mirror of p and d.  This is a common example of how a Dyslexic reader will read and uncover concepts during their reading that others will never see there on the page as they are reading (or reaping lol).

Studying Examples of Dyslexia is key to being able to tell the difference.  Normal spelling errors are very different than Dyslexia inverts and upside down letter variations. 

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Free Dyslexia Fonts

As they have a creative mindset to quickly flip images over that are in focus to them they become difficult to educators that are trying to teach the linear teaching methods to reading.  It is also difficult for Teachers to teach other topics when the topic can be inverted to become something more than it was intended.

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Reading Dyslexia is a condition of the mind that stays with the Dyslexic and often times there is shame involved and put on the Dyslexic for being Dyslexic. 

We all can admit how frightening it is to have concepts that you are trying to teach be inverted.  Inverting concepts to teaching means that new creations and formations that have not been tested by the educators will have to commence.

In earlier reading years the Dyslexic learns to read they often believe that everyone reads the page the way that they do and that there are no difference between themselves and others. 

Many times Dyslexics will gain the friendships of people given the funny comments or concepts that they will express with their peers.  This is true for dyslexic children and for adult Dyslexic persons.

It is important to understand that there is a shunning of Dyslexics in society that causes those with Dyslexia not to want to come out of their Dyslexic closets and confess their Dyslexiaism. 

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First there are educators that Dyslexic children have to learn to comprehend that are not non-linears like the children are.  It takes quite a few years for Dyslexic children to learn that educators are often Linear thinkers in capability.  Often times it can take 15 years or more for a Dyslexic child to uncover that they are dyslexic and understand that others are not as non-linear in their thinking.

Creative arts are often the direction of that the Dyslexics go into and discover themselves in a new world where they can be equal contributors to concepts and creations.  The reality of lines and recieving lines for Actors instead of improvisation is a stark reminder of the linear world in the arts to the Dyslexic who has to struggle with memorizing lines in a fashion that is linearily expected of them in highschool plays or presentations.

The reality of society is that society is a created thing that keeps getting recreated generation by generation.  Most recently the texting generation has added and changed things in the english cultures that allow for Dyslexics not to be found as easily with the capital casing text letters and text algorithms.

Society needs the Dyslexic mind more than it knows because it creates motion within society and allows ideas to assemble in non-linear ways.  If we all stay within a uniform linearity with no flex we will not individually be as received in our own expression.  This is where the alphabetical woes comes into culture.

There are are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Free Dyslexia font that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section

Large Dyslexia Light Box Drawing Board A2

Large Dyslexia Light Box Drawing Board A2

Dyslexia Fonts from Store

Dyslexia Alphabet Realities

If we read the alphabet without having any letters turn or flip we will get only 26  upper combinations and 26 lower combinations alphabetically with 10 numeric combinations.  If we take the Dyslexic version of the alphabet in all of its splender we will achieve 4 times more 26 letters upper combinations and 4 times more 26 lower combinations alphabetically with 4 times 10 numerical combinations, which often revert to letter combination repeats.

The amount of possibilities in the Dyslexic mind over the linear mind is the reason why society needs to have Dyslexia within it.  Dyslexia alphabetical combinations with four times the 26 can create far more than four times the 26 letter combinations in potential letter combinations.

If we take each letter and consider it to be an object we can consider that each object will have more combinations of considerations.  This is another example of why we need Dyslexics.  They create based off of what is there, not what isn’t there.

The Dyslexic population are creating based off of a real invert, or exvert, flip or mirror image of what is actually present.  This means that there is a reality to the vision and creative ability to Dyslexics that others with linear minds may not see at first but will as the perspective gets clearer.  Is this the reason why many famous inventors were also Dyslexic persons?  Quite possibly.


At first in the education of Dyslexia it seems like they combination of letters being considered by a Dyslexic is fantasy, but the reality is that in many cases it is real perspective based on an actuality. It is very incorrect that Dyslexia is a Disease

If we learn as a society that the Dyslexia inputs are valuable we will overcome the stereotype of Dyslexia and start to understand how fickle our english alphabet really is.  We can start to understand that outside of the alphabet we as a society want the ingenuity that we see Dyslexic Creatives contribute.

The real test in society is to understand how real outside perspective is and that non-linear thinking is coming from some linear thought originally.  The reality of what the Dyslexic see’s is based in the reality of what is actually there.  When society starts to realize that what the Dyslexic is seeing is actually real it will start to integrate what perspectives the Dyslexic has within itself.

Let’s look at the word berry.  If a child is reading and learning to read and write and they are Dyslexic they will look at the word berry in several ways.  It is berry, perry, and derry.  So when the teacher is talking about cows and holds up a milk jug and the Dyslexic child writes derry down on their paper they are working off of what exists and what they actually are learning.  It may take time for them to learn about dairy, over derry, but their mind is not diseased because they use the word derry.  Many people will consider the child stupid because they cannot figure out where the Dyslexic child is getting their strageties from in writing and reading.

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When you put together the working mind of the Creative Dyslexic Society you will understand that derry is a great way to think about how to spell dairy if you have never seen the word and only heard the word dairy being spoken of by your parents or on the television cartoon.

In the ‘adult’ world we will find that there is a graphic artist job and they are looking for creative ideas.  They come across this article and start a derry campaign ad, to counter the spelling of dairy as a creative way to sell their milk.  Society loves that written jingle and different way of viewing the milk product.  An integration of Dyslexia thinking with phonetics added created another solution for creative marketing.

If we take the word inputs and understand that many can read that with Dyslexia as inbuts or iubuts.  Also could be but wouldn’t make much sense iuduts.  These words could be creatively used to process.  This is what it is like to have a Dyslexic mind which is constantly creative and creating new things and possible connections to new things.

We could come up with a new brand of milkduds, which would also be milkpups.  Another create idea of mind processing that is non linear.  If Milkduds come up with a commercial with milk pups it would make sense on an non-linear front and would contribute to the unconscious marketing value.

We need Dyslexics in Society to create unique things that have not been thought of before or not been thought of for a long time.  Putting things together in a way that achieves mind twisting and mind invigorating dilemma or thought provoking solutions are a function of Dyslexics within society.


Reversing Concepts in Dyslexia Society

It is important to understand that many Dyslexics just as they reverse letters, the Dyslexic also reverses concepts.  The backwards c is still a c.  Backwards b is a d, unless the font variation is enough to discern letter.  The concept reversed creates a new thing.  It is vital to the creativity of life that concepts get inverted to strengthen the values of the object or concept itself.

Most Creative Dyslexia society people have some inverting ability in life as they also have inverting ability on the page while they are reading.  Whether or not this inverting ability is encouraged by educators and teachers alike is up to the individual educators and teachers.  No one is forcing the education system to shame or disbar Dyslexic populations from learning. However, often a Dyslexic person will be shamed, mocked or humiliated by society.

Most of academia will mock and constitutionalize the dyslexic person into proclaiming their brain ill or diseased. This behavior towards the dyslexic population needs to stop or else the dyslexic population may start making fun of the linear society. Nature grows out of adaptation not linearity. Linear people do not have as much faculty in understanding non-linear thoughts or concepts in reverse engineering ways the way the dyslexic population does.

The Creative Dyslexic Society population learn well, but learn differently than people that are linear learners.  Often concepts in the classroom in order to fully understand them, the Dyslexic will invert the concept to strengthen their own understanding of it.

Teachers who want to encourage Dyslexia and accept it into society will do their best to try to include the inverted concept that they are teaching also with the lesson they are teaching.  Most Dyslexic students are very appreciative of Teachers who allow them to really think and write for themselves.  Often times the Dyslexics are great listeners to compensate for the lack of reading that they do or do not like to participate in.


Dyslexia Questions and Dyslexia Answers 

More Dyslexia Questions and Dyslexia Answers here

    Question: Is there a correlation between left handedness and Dyslexia?

Answer: You will often be told that left handed people have creative tendencies.  Many people who know that Dyslexic populations are creative assume that they are also left handed.  Dyslexic people are both right and left handed individuals.  They have varying degrees of Dyslexia and sometime are capable of writing with both hands or drawing with one hand and writing with another.

Dyslexics do not need to be left handed in order to be Dyslexic and in order to be creative.

    Question: What is the difference between Autism and Dyslexia?

Answer: There could be Autistic children who are also have Dyslexia.  Autism is an expressive disorder which involves delayed speech and communication issues.  Dyslexia is not a disorder but is unfortunately rumored in society to be a disease, which it is not.

If Dyslexia is guilting of being any kind of disorder than it is a creative disorder.  Where a person who has Dyslexia is struggling with their abilities to see the world in non-linear fashions.  Autism however is a condition that is a struggle in communication.

    Question: Why are so many CEO’s have Dyslexia?

Answer:  Many CEO’s have Dyslexia because the Dyslexic mind is capable of memorizing and handling many different factors at once.  CEO’s need to be able to have keen and sharp mind and skillsets that allow them to identify with their staff and staff departments.  It is vital to the organization that creative input is consistently being inputted into the company.  It is important that the company does not go stagnant.

Each company regardless of size needs a CEO leader that is capable of creative discussions with each department and creative advertising which can be creative yet tie into realities in the world.  It is a facinating thing that so many CEO’s are dyslexic and successful within their positions.

The Creative Dyslexic Society

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