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Is a Dyslexic Word! Has Multiple Dyslexia Variables!!
The word ‘sunhas the Dyslexia Variation of:

= snu, suu, snn

In order to learn read with Dyslexia, readers will need to learn both words.

Study ALL the words below to increase reading speeds/comprehension:

Original: sun
3 Variations:
snu, suu, snn

The word ‘sunis a Sneaky n/u Dyslexia Variable
The n rotates to u, or the u rotates to n.

In Order to Learn the Dyslexia Word, study the Dyslexia Variations!
The more time that n or u show up in a word the harder the word will be to read with Dyslexia.

Let’s look:
Each other letter in the word sun can rotate but does not become another letter.

an ‘s’ rotated still remains letter s

All the Other Letters besides Dyslexia n / u can rotate but they do not rotate to become other letters within the English alphabet.

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