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Dyslexia Color Therapy Information and Products

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Dyslexia Color Therapy Information and Products

Here is a list of the latest Dyslexia Color Therapy Products. Improve your reading comprehension using Colors and Tinted Lenses. What occurs is an awakened brain due to the light spectrum. You can train yourself to extend reading sessions without eye strain and switch colors to extend reading even longer.

As simple of an approach as this is, let’s take a look at the products. More information is immediately below about Color Therapy

Why does Color Therapy Work?

When we read our brain rotates the information. Light is a processor for brain functions. As some surgeons know the Brain is a very complicated neurotic function. When you alter your reading habits using Color Therapy you start to train it for retention because you add a layer of color to the purpose of reading. Whenever you read using Tinted Color Lenses or Overlays you immediately start to respond to the light changes from everyday non color tinted sight.

If you are dyslexic or even just a regular reader you can achieve longer reading patterns and sessions. You can train yourself to use the light change to focus yourself. In subliminal programming models the use of Color Therapy for all sorts of purposes is achieved. In hospital underground or above ground you often respond to the color of a painted wall or light going through an adaption period before aclamating to the color.

Color Paint as well as Lenses Overlays can be used to intentionally increase brain functions during certain conditions. You may choose to use a Bright Blue color while driving so you decrease your chances of having an accident. Then you may switch to a yellow tinted reading Lens to achieve longer reading sessions.

If you read certain types of materials you can use color to increase the reading experience and create mood. These are all good suggestions on how to improve Dyslexia, ADHD, ADD or just regular reading experiences.

Dyslexia Color Therapy Information and Products

These are selections of Products that mostly improve functions while reading. Some are interesting Technology products that you should know about for your own interests and information.

Color Therapy Overlays

Large Guided Reading Overlays
Guided Reading Overlays
20pcs Color Therapy Reading Guide Strips
20 pcs Set of Color Overlays
Dyslexia Reading Overlays
Dyslexia Reading Overlays
Guided Reading Colored Overlay Fan
Guided Reading Color Overlay

Children Color Therapy Dyslexia Glasses

Children Color Therapy Dyslexia Glasses can encourage reading gifting a tool that can incentivize efforts.

Adult Color Therapy Dyslexia Glasses

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