Dyslexia an Advanced Function

Dyslexia an Advanced Function

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Dyslexia an Advanced Function

Dyslexia an Advanced Function is the thought and process of reading as a Dyslexic rather than the teaching of reading in a linear fashion. Dyslexia as an Advanced Function is a more appropriate thinking outcome than considering the Dyslexic person diseased. The irrational categorizing of people who are able to have talent where others do not is a crime that many educators participate in. Creative outcomes are the ingenuity in society and would better educators to embrace.

Dyslexia an Advanced Function
Learn to Read Upside Down

Stephen Round (pireading.com) has taught Dyslexia Students how to read upside down on Rhode island. We are the only other site that he has ever found that teaching reading upside down as a Dyslexia method.

Reading apple as abble or addle is a reality for the Dyslexic reader. But as the acceptance and comprehension of how the reading takes place workarounds can start to occur. I know as a Dyslexic person that when I read the word abble in a sentence it is the word apple. Once I have taken the time to learn the differentiations of the language and learned the reverse I am capable of reading abble as apple instantly.

Working in a way with Dyslexia an Advanced Function to teach the reader to understand the differences of each of the variances of the words. Dyslexia readers are usually very visual or visceral people. The learning of reading for the Dyslexic reader is the teaching of the variations of each word as linear people read it and as Dyslexia variations occur.

“The learuiug of reapiug for the Dyslexic”
learning, learuing, learuiug can all be taught as the definition of learning. Once that is achieved the reading comprehension of the Dyslexic may even be quicker than a Linear minded reader.

Dyslexia upside down

When you start to consider Dyslexia as it was originally discovered as advanced brain functions rather than to criticize the difference you begin to appreciate the talents of the Dyslexic. Gaining an observation and appreciation that they are capable of seeing upside down and rotational effects in their visual focus will advance the observer.

More often the Dyslexia observer turns into a frustrated outcome rather than a calm understanding of the Dyslexic. Training educators to observe rather than judge has been a long time challenge in the education system. As Dyslexia types often over achieve in several areas it is common for even educators to often participate in hatred filled scrutiny over the creative abilities of the Dyslexic.

As an educator, parent, or contact of a Dyslexic individual you have the option to learn how they function or to join the those who shame differences. Most educators are linear minded people who take a long time to learn non linear concepts. The grading of the Dyslexic is less important than the uninterrupted expression of their thought processes. Gaining the ability to allow and later adjust to the expression of the Dyslexic is key to progressing through the Dyslexia.

Most people don’t know and do not consider to teach their Dyslexia children, students or even parents their own Dyslexia language. If you are actually in fact trying to work with the student or Dyslexic individual than you need to teach them Dyslexia variations of the words and the alphabet. Telling the Dyslexic that they are wrong and being a red flag judger does not assist them in reading.

After an understanding that Dyslexia is an advanced form of thinking the working with and comprehending of the Dyslexic can be achieved. Dyslexia an Advanced Function can be achieved with the incredible talents of the Dyslexic individual being able to read and interpret the inverted reading that they see into linear translation.

If a linear reader wants to consider a different aspect of a topic they need to think about the mirrored inverted concepts in order to see the reverted aspect of the topic. The Dyslexic brain usually see’s more than one linear version of what they read. In order for the Dyslexic to be able to read one word they must learn the variations of all of the word. Memorizing the variations of what they might see will overcome Dyslexia challenges without forcing the Dyslexic to lie about not being Dyslexic.

Dyslexia Airplanes

It is always amazing to the Dyslexic reader to watch linear readers turn pages upside down or holding their pages up to the light to be able to see what the Dyslexic sees. The inability of the linear minded people to not be able to see inverted thoughts or concepts is a reality.

The Dyslexic mind is an ingenious commodity that is able to see the world upside down and right side up without needing to turn their head or use a flashlight to see the inverted. The mind is capable of seeing the room inverted or rotated as their regular relaxed state of being.

Dyslexia an Advanced Function was originally labelled as above genius IQ. Nasa and others agencies actually at one time seeked out those able to have this type of reverse image writing. Cartoonists also considered it a further advanced brain function in the early 1960’s.

Dyslexia is being reclassified as a learning deficiency when in fact it was discovered by more of these types of functions were beyond genius IQ ratings. Like the ability to draw in reverse order with each hand or play piano in different rotations using opposite hands at the same time.

The best thing is to encourage the use of multi function rather than get freaked out by the ability. You never know how much contribution the child will contribute to society as they live out their life. The more capable the dyslexic is embraced the more they will create betterment towards society.

Taking away your notions of disease and considering Dyslexia an Advanced Function will also ease worries. Learning the Dyslexia Language rather than fearing it will create harmony between Linear and Non-Linear thinkers.

Dyslexia an Advanced Function

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