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Decoding Dyslexia Reading

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Decoding Dyslexia Reading

Decoding Dyslexia is Reading Cancellation Cipher Game Dyslexics play when they read.  Reading is the Deciphering of letter combinations and possibilities of each letter in reverse order as well as linear system.

It is an essential element to understand that reading is the game of cancelling combinations of letters that form words. In order for the Dyslexia population to read they must cancel out variations of the dyslexia language that they see when they read.

Most Common Letters for Dyslexia Alphabet Changes: 
d, b, p, and q all look the same with Non-Dyslexia Fonts
Capital E can look like a 3
lower case l can look like an i in many fonts
u and n can look identical

Understanding rotation of letters is key. There are many examples of Dyslexia for studying.

Decoding Dyslexia Reading Example 1:
The two went to the store to get some milk.

The tmo ment to the store to get sowe wilk.

Dyslexia Reading Overlays Examples
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Decoding Dyslexia Example 2: 

Halloween was a fantastic holiday but decidedly scary.

Hallomeen mas a fautistic holipay put becibebly scary

When you understand Decoding Dyslexia reading you will understand that the Dyslexia population will be ciphering the letters into what makes sense when they read.

The inverting letters could be n or u. w or m. b, d, p or q.

Regular Fonts are often the precurser to the Dyslexic Feud with Letters and Numbers looking similar to each other during Dyslexic Reading.  Reading a regular font for a Dyslexic will become a ‘Cancellation Game’ of possible combinations that makes sense as the solving of the puzzle of the words becomes the name of the game of Dyslexic Reading.

The trick to Reading with Dyslexia or when Dyslexic is play.  Let your mind work with the letters as it wishes too.  But understand that it is an alphabetical and font typeface issue that makes it harder or easier for the dyslexic mind to read.

It is vital for the Dyslexic and non-Dyslexic to understand their own reading processes.  Usually it is the norm with regular fonts that the dyslexic will be in a place of reading where they are attempting to solve the equation or the sypher of the letters of the text to make the ‘sensible’ the sentence of the reading line before them.

This is an incredible realization to comprehend as it is vital to understand that the Dyslexic is not capable usually of reading letter for letter the same as someone with that linear mind that does not creatively flip the letters into multiple creations while they are reading print.

Dyslexia Deciphering
Decoding Dyslexia Reading is being able to read inverted letters

Linearity Flipping because the Dyslexic is Non-Linear

The Linearity flipping happens to the Dyslexic because they are a non-linear learner and reader.  Their mind often switches things vertically to consider non-linear alternatives.  When it comes to static page reading the mind continues to come up with solutions based off of what it sees and continues its non-linear functions.

This Linearity flip is a talent and not a hinderance to the Dyslexic as most often it has been documented that the Dyslexic mind is capable of seeing the hardest of equations without needing to flip the image around physically while say reading maps or architecture drawings.

There are are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Free Dyslexia font that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section

Large Dyslexia Light Box Drawing Board A2

Large Dyslexia Light Box Drawing Board A2

Free Dyslexia Font with Each Order from Store:
Order 3 Items receive 3 Dyslexia Font Licenses ($30 value each)

The Love Dyslexia Brand Mugs illustrates rotated letters in a friendly product. Seeing compared sentences of Dyslexia reading alternatives can be a great conversation starter.

When the reality is realized that when reading many letters flip, not just the difficult ones it can be a real break through to the dyslexic.  A lower case e us still and e because it is a unique alphabetical letter.  A lower case c is still a c because it is a unique alphabetical letter in the lower case sequence of the alphabet.

Cold Electricity
Cold Electricity which doesn’t burn
Free Dyslexia Font with Each Order from Store:
Order 3 Items receive 3 Dyslexia Font Licenses ($30 value each)

In truth, it doesn’t matter if letters flip or not while reading as long as the alphabet is designed in a way that each letter is distinct. A d will look like a b in many cases because it is not a unique letter to the alphabet when turned it is the same exact letter as the b.

In principle we need to allow ourselves to be Dyslexic if we are and continue our creative brain functioning to our advantage.  Why should the alphabet have been designed the way that it is with indistict letters and why would the Dyslexic person be the one to be blamed for the alphabet’s indinstinction?

If you are a teacher of a Dyslexic child offer the student the newer and fresher perspective that the alphabet is atleast somewhat to blame for the students difficulties.  Some students are Linear and some Non-Linear.  Some students reverse concepts, inventions, and alphabetical letters and they are often known as Dyslexics.

Decoding Dyslexia Reading needs to be turned into a discovery of what the words could be. Whatever the condition is of the Dyslexic it is important to encourage the Dyslexic student or Dyslexic adult in keeping their wits and creative energies flowing.

If you were to bring a frying pan into a classroom full of students would you only allow the students to view the frying pan as an overhead perspective or would you allow them to see all the perspecives of the object?  Dyslexics will gain the insight of one perspective and immediatly process the intellect of all the dimensions of the object.  This is why they make such valuable contributions to the society and are so inventive.

upside down dyslexia deciphering

Make Reading More Fun

Make Reading fun for the students and allow the perspectives of the alphabet that are not part of the english language to become part of the english language.  Allow the boy walked down the hill to be explored to the doy walkep pown the hill.

Explore the realities of the different combinations of the letter to discover what makes more sense than other ways.  This way the students will learn far better that it is ok for them to be both linear and non-linear, whichever they actually are.

Reading is a creative task and so often in education it is thought of a regimented task of discipline.  Discipline is a nice thing to be able to possess but it is not a lack of Discipline that causes a Dyslexic to see differently than others.  It is their creative tendencies to solve and equate riddles and fortitudes that allows them to consistently creatively process the words on a page which some would say they similarly do in life just without the distraction of confusion because life has a depth perception that words do not.

The realization to the words on a page is the intelligence that we have as a society to look at the 26 letters of the alphabet and realize that if we make the similar letters more similar than not then there will be a greater societal challenge in reading letters.

This realization is the spawning of the Dyslexic Alphabet, the Dyslexia Alphabet and the Dyslexia Fonts that have been created for the benefit of both Dyslexics and non Dyslexics.

Often times eyes can become tired of reading letters that are too similar and the mind has to work extra hard just to read a line of text because the Font has letters that are too similar in nature to one another.  A Non-Dyslexic reader gets tired eyes even while reading during the day time because the clarity of the text has become incomprehensible. 

The reading comprehension increased with the Dyslexia Font and Alphabet allows even the Non-Dyslexic to ‘know what the sentence is before they have even finished reading it’, some have said about the Dyslexic Font and Alphabet.

The Symbols of the letters need to be unique enough so that the ’n’ and ‘m’ do not look identical to each other or nearly identical.

Wrapping Dyslexia Up

Decoding Dyslexia is the deciphering of letters in reverse forms.

Did you know that some Non-Dyslexics have Numbers Dyslexia between letters and numbers but don’t have any issues with the letters normally.  This is an interesting concept that is a very interesting thing because the carefullness of our understanding and how we ourselves comprehend is the reality of the ability that we enable in ourselves as readers.

Others that are Dyslexic really enjoy reading after the differences are made so that they are capable of reading the letters with a version of the Dyslexic Font.

ESL, English as a Second Language is also appreciative of the ability of the words to have a difference sense of the reading.

Dyslexic Questions and Dyslexia Answers

A list of more Dyslexia Questions and Dyslexia Answers is here

Question: What is the difference between mild Dyslexia and severe Dyslexia

Mild Dyslexia Deciphering will only occur with some of the alphabetical letters or words while reading. Severe Dyslexia Deciphering will occur to all the alphabetical letter combinations that when reverse turn into different letters than the author intended.

Let us all understand that 10 – 15% of the world has Dyslexia.  There are several varying degrees of Dyslexia.  The english language because of the way that the alphabet is constructed repeats letters to those who are creative enough to read the letters in reverse or mirrored form.

The Difference between a mild Dyslexic and a severe Dyslexic is how often during their reading process letters reverse or flip as they are reading.  Many people who are Dyslexic with the alphabet are not dsylexic for with numbers and many people who are Dyslexic with numbers are not Dyslexic with the alphabet.

For instance,  some Dyslexics only have significant Dyslexia on the letters d, p and b lower case.  They may also have Dyslexia on u and n, lower case.

Other Dyslexics will revert and invert all the letters of the alphabet and are severely Dyslexic.  They will see a backwards lower case e and a lower case k backwards, which they will have no problem reading because those two characters are unique alphabetical letters to the english alphabet.

The severity of the Dyslexia is always pending upon the functionality that the Dyslexic is capable of.  It is not enough to know that a person while reading has letters invert or flip to consider them severly Dyslexic, it is a matter of how they are capable or not of functioning.

Often times Dyslexics are slow to learn writing and reading yet are capable readers and writers.

Decoding Dyslexia Example 3: 

          When can I go and play in the pool and use the slide? 

          Wheu cau I go aup dlay iu the dool aup use the slipe?

Yes, there is such thing as Math Dyslexia.  Math Dyslexia is also called Numbers Dyslexia.  A 3 and a capital E are both similar pending upon the font they are presented in.  If you reverse the 3 invertedly you will get the basic or exact shape of the E.

If you take the number 6 and upside down it, you will get a 9.  This is a numbers or Math Dyslexia issue where the number flips vertically changing the mathetical equation in the process.

Many Dyslexics while they are still learning to read with Dyslexia will at a stage flip numbers around completely with each other as the long stems of some numbers will look like starts to other numbers or other variations of.

The number 5 and the number 2 are complete inverts if the Digital font number scale is used like a Digital alarm clock.  Other Dyslexics may be alphabetically Dyslexic but the numbers are very smooth for them to use without any issues.

The name for Numbers Dyslexia is Dyscalculia.

Decoding Dyslexia Example 4: 

  • Why does my teacher get mad at me while I am reading? 
  • Why poes my teacher get wap at we mhile I aw reapiug?

Question: Are there treatments for Dyslexia?

Answer: There are unfortunately treatments for Dyslexia that are Pharmaceutical and very experimental.  It is an unfortunate thing that Dyslexia is thought of by society as a dis-easement that needs medication in order to control.

It is highly recommended not to take drugs when you are dyslexic as in most cases as they can cause more difficulty in consentration than the Dyslexic has before taking them.  There is no medical advice offered in this answer but the reality is that having Dyslexia is a skillset that many do not have and taking drugs to destroy who you are and the gifts that you were born with is a frightful proposition.

Dyslexia’s perception with society is really interesting because society wants the inventions that Dyslexics offer to it yet there is a threat to Dyslexics to state exactly what they see and experience when being themselves while reading.  There are all kinds of Linear doctors who want to prescribe solutions and try out experimentational medications to control the dyslexic mind yet there is a lot more danger than is being disclosed when testing with treatments are being considered.

Decoding Dyslexia functions best when their perceptions are received by society in a way that can be contributions.  It is very sad when threatening treatments are given to Dyslexic children who are being honest about what they see yet are not given a choice to explore what they see and how they are different and unique from others.

Decoding Dyslexia Reading

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