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Covid-19 and Dyslexia

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Please add to the ideas of this article with proof or research via Comments section. Covid-19 and Dyslexia are extra-ordinary ties to decades of work and research linking back to early 1900 Gene Pool changed to Dead Pool protocols.

Note: This is a draft that is still being added to. Feel free to add comments below that supports the work and research without arguement about differences of opinion. I know this stuff is acurate and so many times it has been attempted to be classified but the truth about slavery and caucasian as well as Militias’ in America is a matter of public need to know.

Briefing on Covid-19

As reality has it Covid operations go back into the early 1900’s. The bloodline disputes over which genepool was smarter than the other ties even further back into the wars of the 1800’s which tie the Neopolic Wars (just like the Icecream) to the recreated fake war heroes stories of Nepolian.

The Nepo’s were a german and french gang that bordered and desired to have their own country between France and England which tied into the changes made in the bloodline feuds that attach to the Isla of Mann or the Island of Man competition games that often got confused with the Greece anthologies histories.

Most people don’t know this far back but it ties into the formation of the fittest competitions which were far different than the intention of the Olympiadic lineages where it was common for soldier to buy athletes as wives or husbands. This was the order that was interrupted during Queen Victoria’s reign as we did research to expose the forced geneology histories in France and England that were attempting to claim land deeds that they wanted to use for Controlled Human Workers or Death Slave Farms.

This ties into to current Covid-19 circumstances in many ways because it ties into the forced injections and athletic injections that relate to Dyslexia and the survival of the fittest actual histories.

As actual histories are about genepool seperation systems which link to the international programs that go back about 3000 years ago when returning tribes would return to their regions so that census could occur within the middle east, Israel and many parts of the world. This gets into another bipolarity in history that are factual in evidence. The difference between Greece and Roman census which also include Isreali lineage and Jordanian Palestinian lineages.

Covid-19 history factually goes back thousands of years to when the time of year would occur that those groups would return in time of census also in the time of Harrod. In order to assure that systems would continue as well as the trilateral agreements between many different regions the Christ story was agreed upon to help solve the religion conflicts during the Covid time of census.

It is important to note that there is also a mating season when tribes throughout the Galacia’s would meet to find mates which ties into some different styles of Gladiation or Gladiator histories to Bermitfa’s and Hermatic dating rituals that tie back into mix ups. Although many “mixups” were games played all year long or even a series of years before the mating appropriate ages would occur in the dating cycles. This is part of the Gladiator’s histories and how hard they worked and travelled to find a wife or husband in various living conditions going back thousands of years. Thus there are also ties to election cycles.

Pointe Reyes Robert Kennedy Shipwreck 2069645_940
Pointe Reyes Robert Kennedy Shipwreck 2069645_940

Covid-19 and Winston Churchill

As many attempts were made and are made to achieve interests that allow for fair systems internationally there was an imbalance and food crisis after the King George Land was taken in Virginia Coastlines. Slave operators were regularly using Opiods to control their human slave property and to be honest those were the kind ones. Many slave owners used beatings or other punishments like isolation. It was not a gender or racial specific conditions when slavery became rampant issues on the Langley coastlines.

In ww2 it became clear that some factions were collecting anyone with Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth descendencies or anyone who was a real Royal in any way as human property. A back end deal was struck with many in Alta Dena before ww1 who knew that King George was a sitin position and the real King had been murdered and replaced by the real “pure” bloodline who wasn’t royals. This was the dealings that led to the struggles that the real Queen Victoria was born into.

The bloodline huntdown was ongoing as Virginia and the fake 13 colonies histories were being claimed by the slave traffickers who also wanted more land and more human labor camps with more power. Thus was the start of rampant Militia attempting to control mining disputes across America. This was the end of 1890 – 1905, 1908.

As Lousiana Purchase agreements were faked and the Louisiana King Loyals to Queen Victoria were collected and moved to California Silver mining camps for life contracts for slave mining. Others were moved to Salt Mines in Utah or other Locations as Militia’s saw that anyone simpathetic to the Queen Victoria lineages were open and fair game to pick up and force work camp them as property.

More than One Type of Covid-19 Tests:

There are Covid-19 tests that test for gene pool in iradication connections in history and there are Covid-19 flu dated tests that test for diseases. There is a huge difference between the tests that were also part of the ww1 vs ww2 Covid Tests attached to the addition of Bird Flu Influenza of 1913 and 1933.

Typical doping of what was claimed to be owned bloodline disputes was and is part of every countries infrastructure. This was added to particularly after the Presbyterian Cambodia California connections in nursing became part of the morphine and VA Veterans injection control groups. This later tied into Gatorade disputes within sports leagues.

To be clear. There is a Covid-19 test that tests for genetics and there is a series of other Covid-19 tests that test for diseases. In the history of slavery which we are still very much in, genetics and even injected cold viruses were part of a branding program just as regular as cattle but on people.

As ignorant Gladiators who were in admitted war zone mental states which they needed to be in failed to realize that psyops programs were dozing segregated populations in regions that were organized often by different gene pools. Thus was the cause of some Dyslexic studies that were sure to be added to books that were attempted to be scrubbed from records that connected copious Autism combined with Dyslexia.

As few will tell the whole story going back 2000 years it is an important history to recall the genetic experimentations over slave ownership of white as well as black slavery.

The Bloodline Games

At the pre-production meetings of Star Trek One as well as sometimes during the filming’s discussions over stopping the ownership of bloodlines was the impetus for the project. Later this was turned on it’s head. But the reason we financed the project was because we were attempting the stoppage of not only racism but also the ownership of bloodlines.

The bloodline games were also part of the competitions of the survival of the fittest that owners would force their human property to compete for for their amusement. Often the injection of human property and the Bloodline Games connects to the Greece and Roman Olympic History. This Covid connections to injections also relate to Dog Breeding and the injection of animal fats into humans as an amusement to their owners as a statement dominance over their human property.

It was and is a very real thing that the ownership of bloodlines even according to a covid test goes back in history. This was also the reason for the resistance towards mix breeding. When the Vanderbilt name was taken over and the real people arrested this was part of the impetus to the beginning of the Star Trek One series.

The Olivia nations with others would run the slave camps including sports activities but they were clear that they owned anyone with that bloodline within their stolen mining facilities as part of the rewrites of East Coast states.

This relates to Covid-19 because it is not only a rerun of the past but an expanded version athletic breeding programs over the right to breed and own your breed humans. As sick of a thought as this is it is a reality. Covid typically as it occurred in 1910 and onwards was the right or instruction to give disease to your owned population. Thus you would have a certain cold or vaccine or non contagious herpes permanent infection that your owners would state that was proof that they owned you and all your genetics. This was later attempted to be added to Clinical Trial experimental legal codes which would state in small print that you were their property if it applied by law.

As the food famines struck America and internationally the branding of slave labor owned humans became even more extreme feuds. This was also part of the ww2 crisis as well as more recent conflicts.

The other side of COVID was the instructed concentration camps which are and were relabeled sometimes gated communities and sometimes just immigration programs which were eager to seek immigration into america and other international places that thought they held different rules to slavery under 50 feet below street level. This connects not only the spread of Covid but also the durisdiction disputes over slave ownership.

To settle some of these disputes more fairly psychology divisions were established to collect the equality meter of fairness. This meant that the ownership of people were suppose to be put on record and then different protocols were established to hide the past which still to this day is not working well and neither will it work well.

The Inbred Generations

After 1875 inbred disputes started to occur at a more rapid pace. This was because slave owners were starting massive breeding programs. Their later ww2 decendents wanted to make a breed of slaves that wouldn’t complain and this was joked about on horseback in many situations.

The truth was and as that the people that took control of the g20 countries were the ones that were inbred and promised themselves that they would continue to inbreed because they thought themselves the more dominant race bloodlines. There was both black, white and asian pure inbreeding lines. These groups would later take over and arrest most of the Trilateral Agreement participants or atleast the ones that they could find.

The Workers Unions were an interesting situation because they collected the force that was used to throw election results in the favor of the slave owners. This is also a history that ties in the real Jenkins situations with the Lincoln fake published histories of murder and denial that there was a double, in fact more than one.

The Union workers credit union systems are negotiated to make sure that the worker instructs aka slaves have enough food supplies to achieve their maximum workload productions. The new Vanderbilt’s who took the family name and rewrote the fake land deeds arresting and detaining the Peterbilt’s to confiscate the trucking industries internationally were determined to control more than even a share of the world’s power. This led to discussions at the Toluca Lake cross intersections near Woody’s carwash.

After the renaming of streets within Toluca Lake and the movement of MGM locations to Culver City renaming street Olive off of Riverside which was Federal Street which controlled some Federal Reserve underground swap negotiations later discovered by another group through the Malls overtake.

Creations of storms through emptying out hydro bins for water supplies that extended from the Fortress over 2000 miles which even extended from California to parts of Florida. This ties into the Covid-19 Dyslexia Protocols.

Dyslexia Protocols

Just as there are several Covid-19 protocols there are several Dyslexia Protocols. It is important to understand that what became known as Lorde Stanley’s Parke was the Northish connections to California in underground tunnel systems that woiuld sometimes spread the disease and sometimes stop the Typhoid and Black Plague going back a few years. These will be more protocols that will arise even if the Covid-19 is declared over.

When people go too deep into the tunnel systems they are certain to catch unknown diseases that many are not in current records. After my capture during ww1 and ww2 I made sure that the records of diseases were destroyed.

Dyslexia Protocols are color protocols systems that I disclosed to many and gave Eisenn’s Eisenhowers an edge to win the elections during ww2 era. This backfired as the Trilateral agreements participants were arrested. Thus prolonging the Covid-19 to attempt to match the injection cycles to control slaves and use injections of humans to identify who owned whom would have to be stopped or become fully public. This included unthinkable age reduction solutions that would control slavery trafficking situations which back in the day I made sure everyone knew about.

I quite liked the Eisenn’s I thought they were exciting intense people but some of the things that they were into historically were a bit not my taste. This is why the 1819 plague protocols were not disclosed because it was discovered fully that injections were being used like tattoo’s as identifiers.

More will be added to this later. There is a lot to say and this is a very old situation.

What is a COVD and COVID Slush Pond

You will hear references of Emptying the pond which often refers to Genetic Bond colateral negotiations. When sports teams like Atlanta found out that Covid 1913 was an ongoing part of ht e bond collections systems through the prison work camps. Based upon how hard they worked out to keep a spot on the team or if they had specific bloodlines they could skip practices.

It has been a long history of Sports leagues being used to pick up bond collaterals including human colaterals. When you understand that Covid-19 is a repeat of the bond insurance systems in an attempt to empty out all publically known accounts the entire “This round of Covid” term that Schumaker uses often makes exact sense.

Typically the service men and sometimes women will tell their wives they are overseas as each round or regiment term 3 month, 6 month or 12 month is an offset of insurance collaterals in army and navy disputes both internally in America as well as Internationally.

Resorts often housed service men in Baja California as they used the underground trains relays in and out of California exchange locations. Then Lokean Martin would swap relays with their confiscated Mountain View Magic Mountain collaterals. This explains much of the back and forth in information that detested that Covid was real or unreal.

This is also the reason why the testing of the population was faked both today and in 1913. The cold vaccines and black mold plagues would not be caught because the armies and regiments would lie about the testings when they hadn’t tested in their regions.

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