Causes of Dyslexia Babel_Coal_Gold_Transports

Causes of Dyslexia

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Causes of Dyslexia

There are several schools of thoughts to the causes of Dyslexia. Some people think it is a hereditary onset from birth and others have had Dyslexia from an event later on in life. Let’s break down various causes of Dyslexia and their implications.

Definition of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is the ability to view linearly letters and be able to see them upside down or inverted. So a Capital E could look like a 3 inverted. The importance of writing the 3 with rounded issues differentiate the letters because the inverted value with E is similar.

Many times the Causes of Dyslexia go unnoticed because the Non-Linear thinking capabilities and unique perspectives of the Dyslexic is able to do work arounds to others noticing how they read. It is common for a Dyslexic Reader to be able to hide their Dyslexia well into Adult Hood.

As many people do not realize if they are Dyslexic or not they are unable to recognize if they view things in Non-Linear ways or Linear ways. Linear Readers only see front ways and upside right. They read straight forward and do not see a p as a d, the inverted flipped value of that letter.

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Dyslexia From Birth?

Arguments in genetic feuds that go back to 1908 gold and diamond land confiscation arguments which would hire armies of psychology majors to disprove targets who could inherent birthright land masses. This does link Dyslexia society labeling in modern society and connects many factors of diagnosis.

These were the start of COVID – separation camps pre ww1 in order to pre-diagnose diseases to bloodlines to take both foreign and domestic mining rights from those people.

Causes of Dyslexia from Birth could be a number of factors. Hereditary does not mean the genetics are damaged necessarily but sometimes there are tendencies that lean the person towards having Dyslexia from Birth. Just as Creative people often breed Creative children Dyslexics can but do not necessarily breed Dyslexic Readers.

If the Causes of Dyslexia are from birth than they are the same effects as regular Dyslexia. In most cases the Causes of Dyslexia will go unnoticed and for years and even a decade into life. The Reader with Dyslexia will read the inverted versions of alphabet letters and words.

To state that Dyslexia is a genetic defect is an interesting challenge to how we interact with our environment. Our environment affects how we function in many cases just as often as what we are internally wired for. Think of our spine as a Digital Wire that connects our responses. Then understand that Dyslexia is the actualization ability to read inverted letters and upside down versions of text without confusion. This will empower the reader rather than displace them into belief that they are lesser of individuals which is often a psyops done in many military conditions.

These psychological profiling circumstances are crafted components which will be expunged, and then caught with histories going back to Vietnam particularly. Holding and building of POW’s gated communities and spiking their water was often thought the right of the psychology generals who were often caught themselves in strict NDA protocols that prevented them from telling the publicly funded projects they were assigned to. Dyslexia being one of those aspects.

Causes of Dyslexia Babel_Coal_Gold_Transports
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From an Accident

There are causes of Dyslexia from accidents and head trauma’s. Many times the dizziness from a head trauma can leave a person seeing words on the page upside down or inverted. If so it could take years to achieve the ability to read at their normal pace due to their injury.

It is not that they are not able to think well with Dyslexia it is that they will not need to turn the page upside down to be able to see the word upside down. Upside down may look like “Udsipe powu”.

Head injuries have also lead to creative onsets with injured people. There is something about a relaxed state of being that occurs after a head injury. There are all sorts of creative viewpoints that occur in a person when they are forced to slow life down and nurse themselves after an accident.


One of the Causes of Dyslexia is Cyanide Injections. There are two types of Cyanide. One is healthy and the other causes memory decay. There are also injections that were heavy metal based with Tin that would and do cause almost immediate brain memory loss and Dyslexia while reading.

During the 1940’s there were severe injections given to veterans and war informants as a part of programs started. Injections with causes of Dyslexia increased during Vietnam Era.

Military Generals were injected and so were many very brave and honorable Orchestra members during ww2 orchestra negotiations over communication . There were truth syrups and alzheimer’s injections which were also part of the Soviet as well as California history.

The Cyano vs. Cian toxins which is similar but one is dangerous and one is helpful can also effect slow thinking and almost of retardation of thought process. This is very different than Dyslexia. Many times it is thought that slow thinking is a Dyslexia Effect, but this is not the case.


Around 1958 into the 1960’s Causes for Dyslexia included g4 force flights. When you get into the real earth science of altitude in geolocations you can start to understand varying degrees of “Dyslexia” during reading.

If you fly from one altitude to another you may experience inverted reading for some time as part of your jet leg symptoms.

There have been incredible and calculated science studies on human trials involving psychosis behaviors and reading in relationship to genetic coding. It was thought that the genetic coding was cause for Dyslexia reading or seeing of upside down visuals but consider instead it to be related to altitude.

As Altitude of Geolocation data of countries is still often classified which is a weird reality that will be worked out to publicize the realities. Compression chambers in bases emulating cities and countries of different altitudes is part of the science behind when Dyslexia effects hit the reader.

If you remain in the bases with similar altitude barometric pressures as to your country of origin you won’t experience as many Dyslexia reading symptoms from your travels. This is key to understanding Dyslexia and how the brain operates to adjust to the changes of barometric pressures with thought processes.

It is a fact that many places are higher altitude than others which in time will be more publicly accepted and table talk information. The mines of Babel which were thought to be myths explain many peaks within the United States where Diamonds and other precious minerals are mined and the barometricity within the bases often match the countries who in many cases illegally claim the mining rights and assets. This is an often occurance when they leave the mining facilities and come out on land and experience Dyslexia symptoms. Reading upside down letters or getting g mixed up with 6 is a commonality as an addition to just language barriers.

As so many of the International locations have been attempted to be confiscated as their own mining assets the often affects of Dyslexia occur within their ranks and files.

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