Is there such thing as Blind Dyslexia Mabel Gagnier

Is there such thing as Blind Dyslexia?

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Is there such thing as Blind Dyslexia?

It is an interesting question if Dyslexia exists in the Blind community. The opinion of this author is that it is possible and does happen. This article will explain the different diameters of Blind and Dyslexia populations and how they can both exist in the same person or human being.

To be blind means that you are not as focused on the site that you have rather than other senses. Being blind in no way makes you stupid in fact it makes you pay attention to others and yourself in a more advanced way. Being blind can be a gift to many. Many musicians who have gone blind have attested that their careers have taken off after they lost their own sight.

Dyslexia is a optimal mindset where you are able to take in more than one point of view at a time. It is also an advancement in brain function rather then a deterrent. However, many who do not understand Dyslexia may differ in opinion which is great that the world has such diversity in opinions and thinking concepts.

Being Blind and having Dyslexia means that you may read braille differently than others but you are still understanding things just in a different way than others. You may learn Braille upside down or right side up but know that the messages that you are comprehending still mean something. If you are a parent of a Blind Dyslexic child or student have hope that things will continue to develop and really improve with patience and the ability to understand which hemisphere of the brain your child or student is understanding in.

A Brief History about Dyslexia Dialects

The way you role your tongue desires the tendencies within your mouth. The easiest way to explain it is that some of us tend to speak from left tongue role to right tongue role. Others may tend to be speaking from right tongue to left tongue.
The way you roll your tongue will change the constables that you speak in speech. This author has been involved in voice speech therapy before and offers this opinion to all to understand and consider these opinions.
Often in sign languages the dialect differences do not come into translation. Understanding yourself beyond what sign language can offer can get your ability to increase how you communicate with others. Better understandings of yourself and how you tend to speak is important. Many refugee children 2nd generations learn the native language of their homeland but speak it in whichever hemisphere that they are presently in. Instead of rolling their tongue to the right side of their mouth like their parents they may roll it from the top side or from the left side. The sounds are similar to the blind listener to hear but if they listen hard they may be able to tell apart the dialect after a few sentences of speech.
Dialects develop with travel and also the learning of different languages also. Learning about how your own speech develops can really affect how you communicate with others affectively.

Being blind is an inconvenience but the new hope that is a reality is that there are many technologies that are able to help the blind to see if they wish too. One secret is about being Color Blind. This too is starting to be healed in people who want to see colors who were not able to see colors before. There are eye drops that have tiny traces of radion particles or copper oxides that allow the color filter to heal within the retna’s.

Accepting the type of Blindness that you have is key. When you start to understand and accept your own strengths and improve your weaknesses all possibilities start to unfold.

Blind Dyslexia is the inverted thinking during reading Blind Brail. Some in some countries rotate their logic differently than other countries.

How to Test Blind Dyslexia

Test yourself and ask others to also test you with sporadic testing. Do you tend to read braille the same way as others or do you tend to read braille from one side that is more comfortable than the other. The truth is that we all have tendencies. When you are in China you may read braille in one way but when you are in Burbank, California you may tend to read it a different way because the world spins differently slightly in each of the two places.
It is normal to evolve and change to the environment that you are in. Testing yourself to match another is helpful to you to be able to buddy partner up on being able to communicate with others faster or more efficiently not missing any details.

Being Blind is a gift if you accept it as being a gift. Being Dyslexic is a gift if you accept it as being a gift.

More will be added to this Dyslexia article at a later date and as comments are made if and when it is read.

Is there such thing as Blind Dyslexia Mabel Gagnier
Is there such thing as Blind Dyslexia Mabel Gagnier

Is There Such Thing as Blind Dyslexia

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