Autism and Dyslexia Reading

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Autism and Dyslexia Reading

The use of Dyslexia Fonts for Autism is a reality that can help reading. The distinction of letters even if upside down from p to b can still help Autistic Readers.

Like all reading, success in reading comes from seeing letters clearly and being able to process information read. If the letters are more difficult to see or when an autistic reader is able to see the words clearer they will be able to read faster and with better comprehension.

There are are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Free Dyslexia font that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section

Dyslexia Reading Overlays Examples
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The easiest adjustment for Autistic readers to make is using all capital letters. Using Capital letters or Dyslexia Fonts that will assure each letter looks more different than the others will assist reading and comprehension. Autism and Dyslexia Reading is achievable.

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