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This is a List of All Site Improve Dyslexia Pages Index. This is for site engines as well as basic page organization. There is a bunch of stuff still being worked out. Learning to improve reading never stops even as an adult.

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Maraca Musical Percussion Instrument

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Article 15 Dyslexia Reading Examples

Article 15 Dyslexia Written Examples

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15 Examples of Dyslexia Reading Article

Mirror Writing Examples of Dyslexia Article

15 Dyslexic Written Examples Article

Dyslexia Questions and Dyslexia Answers

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Famous Dyslexia People Main Page

Christina Agatha

Albert Einstein

Elexander Graham Bell

Nikola Tesla

F Scott Fitzgerald

Galileo Galilei Astronomer

Comedian George Burns

General George S Patton

George Washington

Hans Christian Anderson

James Clerk Maxwell

Jack F Kennedy

John Lennon

Leonardo da Vinci

Carol Lewis wells

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Marlon Brando

Michael Farraday

Ozzy Osbourne

Pablo Picasso

Richard Branson

Robin Williams

Stephen Jobs

Stephen McQueen Murphy

Andrew Sylvester Stallone

Thomas Edison

Thomas Jefferson

WB Yeats

Walter Disney

Whoopi Goldberg

Woody Wilson

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Muhammad Ali Dyslexia

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Improve Dyslexia Pages

Improve Dyslexia Pages aim to increase awareness of Dyslexia being rotational vs. Scattered reading issues.

Learning to read upside down as a Dyslexic Reader is one way to help reading

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Free Dyslexia font that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.

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