Dyslexia Fonts for Reading

Dyslexia Fonts for Reading with Color Therapy is fantastical to improve reading concentration. Non-Dyslexic use Anti-Blue Light glasses. Dyslexia readers can use the free or paid font on this website to achieve reading. Dyslexia Letters rotate into other Letters.

Simon Has an affixion with showing how EXACTLY Dyslexia Looks like to Readers.

When you accept that Dyslexia is the rotation of letters, you can then start giving yourself a Blueprint to your own reading.

The Blake Dyslexia Variations Course shows Exact Dyslexia Variations to Linear words.
International Dyslexia Languages – Exact Dyslexia PDF Below

Learn the Exact Dyslexia Letter Rotations to achieve reading.
Forgive yourself for being Dyslexic. Learn to read with your Dyslexia.

Dyslexia Variations Training Letter Map

A b turns into multiple possibilities, such as p, d, or a q.
An n turns into a u, a u turns into an n.
A g turns to a 6 or a 9.
The Number 2 can turn to become N or the letter Z
the w – in handwriting – w turns to a m, m can turn to a w
(The w/m Dyslexia Factor – only happens to some Dyslexics)

This is why Dyslexia Fonts are so important to prevent Dyslexia.
NOTE: Only some Dyslexics get w confused with m, mostly with handwriting.

Some Main Quotes that create this Blake Dyslexia Course:
The Blake Dyslexia Variations Course is an incredible tool to use to decipher Dyslexia.”
“did = bid, pid, qid, bib, bid, bip, dib, dip, diq, pib, pid, pip, piq, qib, qip, qiq “
– 16 Dyslexia Variations, Grade 1!
country =conntry, couutry, conutry” – 3 Dyslexia Variations, Grade 3

KEY: Learn the Dyslexia Variations and improve reading.
Read Faster – Because you recognize the words quicker.
When you read the word ‘people’ as ‘qeople’ it won’t surprise you, if you study the 15 Dyslexia Variations of the word ‘people’.

Use BOTH your own Favorite Color Therapy Glasses and the Fonts to improve.

There are all sorts of Articles and Exact Dyslexia Examples on this website.

Let’s get into it.

Dyslexia In English and Spanish!

Spanish Sight Words – Grade One
Spanish Sight Words – Grade 4
Spanish Sight Words – Grade 5
Blake Dyslexia Variations Course 
Grade 1 Dyslexia Variations
Grade 2 Dyslexia Variations
Grade 3 Dyslexia Variations

Use the Dyslexia Dictionary to find out if a word is Dyslexic or Non-Dyslexic!

REAL DYSLEXIA is Dyslexia Letters Rotating!
A Dyslexia Variations are variations of Dyslexia of Linear word!
Example:  Linear Word ‘people’
Dyslexia Variations: ‘deodle, ‘beoble’, ‘qeoqle’
and ‘deodle’, ‘deoble’, ‘deople’, ‘deoqle’
       ‘beodle’, ‘beoble’, ‘beople’, ‘beoqle’
       ‘qeodle’, ‘qeoble’, ‘qeople’, ‘qeoqle’
So, There are 15 Dyslexia Variations for the Single Linear word of ‘people’!

IF, you beat yourself up and try to change being dyslexia you will find the disappointment that many do when they struggle with reading.  IF, you learn the Dyslexia Variations, you can forgive yourself knowing that it is ok if you read ‘beoble’ instead of ‘people.  You can learn that all the Dyslexia Variations are HOW you read!!

International Dyslexia Languages – Exact Dyslexia PDF Below
Blake Dyslexia Variations Course  w Handouts and Interactive PDFs – $11


What are Dyslexia Fonts? Do they Work?

A Dyslexia Font changes the font so each letter has a distinct difference. If you read in a font where the Dyslexia Letters turn into other exact letters it will be harder to read.

If you read with a Dyslexia font, there will be slight differences to each of the Dyslexia Letters. When the Dyslexia Letter rotates from b to d, you will see the difference between the b and the d, and the p, and the q. Some Fonts have exact font syntax for d, b, p, q, u, n!

Dyslexia is the creative ability that occurs when letters rotate or turn upside down while reading. Many who are considered with Dyslexic reading assessments are determined to have borderline genius IQ’s and other creative abilities that most in the Linear world miss immediately noticing.

The most incredible thing you can do for Dyslexic Readers is to share the knowledge of what letters look like when rotated with non-dyslexics. This way, we can further society to improve and include the advantages to being able to consider the alternative angles that Dyslexic readers see, both in life and reading.

Many artists have Dyslexia tendencies as well as Actors and Musicians.

Color Therapy Options

BRIGHT Colors like Yellow, Orange, Pink, Bright Blue are all great options.

Using Color Therapy and Dyslexia Font Options together can really help reading.
These easier reading techniques can help both Dyslexics and Non-Dyslexics Readers improve Dyslexia.

Dyslexia Grade 1 Examples, Exact Dyslexia!

Grade 1 Dyslexia Variations within the first 3 months have between 1-15 Dyslexia Variations per word!

The Blake Dyslexia Variations Course is an incredible tool to use to decipher Dyslexia.

bat = pat, dat, qat
be = pe, de, qe
up= ud, ub, uq, np, nd, nb, nq

pit = bit, dit, qit
spit = sbit, sdit, sqit
and = anb, anp, anq, aub, aud, aup, auq

Dyslexia Grade 2 Examples, Exact Dyslexia!

The Blake Dyslexia Variations Course shows exact Grade 2 Dyslexia Examples. There are Dyslexia Variations between 1 variation and 15 Dyslexia Variations. If you include Dysgraphia, numbers turning into letters, that number is even higher.

Each time a reader, regardless of age reads that specific word they could read one of the Dyslexia Variations instead.

glue = glne
desk = besk, pesk, qesk
done = bone, pone, qone, qoue, poue, doue, boue

drive = brive, prive, qrive
speak = sbeak, sdeak, sqeak

bread = dread, pread, qread, breab, dreab, preab, qreab, breap, dreap, preap, qreap, breaq, dreaq, preaq, qreaq

Blake Dyslexia Variations help you to learn your own Dyslexia habits.  Study the Dyslexia alternatives to linear words.  You may often read ‘drive’ as ‘prive’ a higher percentage amount of the time.  Knowing this reading habit of yourself, empowers your reading.  

Learning the steppingstone of your own Dyslexia as you improve your reading over your life is achievable.

Copyright 2022 Simon Blake

There are Five Main ways to Improve Dyslexia Reading:

1. Use Color Therapy Transparent Overlays
2. Use Color Therapy Glasses
3. Learn all English alphabet letters upside down
4. Use a Free Dyslexia font that does not have the b turn into a p or d if the letter is upside down or inverted.
5. Study and Learn the New Dyslexia Keywords section
6. Practice Upside Down Reading for fun and practice!

Dyslexia Fonts from Store

READ UPside Down!

Practice reading upside down to get an appreciation with what it is like to have Dyslexia.

Many Dyslexic Readers are able to read Actors Table reads upside down or books completely upside down with the same or faster reading speeds as their normal. This of course is an incredible fact to the entire topic.

This site has many translations of texts into how Dyslexics read successfully. Many people incorrectly think that Dyslexia is an inability to read. Dyslexia is the ability to read as you remain Dyslexic and Creative.